Be cautious while fixing your iPod

In case to get a replacement from Apple, may not be suitable for your budget and you would choose to mend it all by yourself. For that you have to follow some guideline otherwise you can cause damage to your iPod. It may be very important to note that opening up the iPod to carry out mending can void the warranty from Apple. In case you find it hard to open up the device, leave it. You are needed to exercise great caution while doing mending on any type of device.

Fixing iPod LCD and touch digitizer

You are suggested to use original and quality parts from any well – known shop. Because they have got quality tools, parts, and many things necessary for repairing process and performing iPod screen replacement as well.

Hair dryer or heat gun

Replacement of stronger adhesive that is double-sided, you will find a lot of kinds of adhesive kits in the market. Or you may tailor your own, but it is advised to utilize a pre-cut one because it can render the whole process very simple or visit iPod repairs NZ. You may also need several tools as are listed below:

Heat gun

Hair dryer

Standard screwdriver #000 Philips

Razor blade

Spudger tool

I sesamo opening tool

Prior to trying to open up the device touch or carry out any sort of repair, switch it off first of all. Merely press down its power button till there appears the message on its screen reading power off. Swipe with the help of your finger and wait until the devices completely shut down.

You have to take care of areas while taking away LCD and the touch screen assembly

In the case of the other devices like the older iPod or iPhone touches tend to be put together with the help of clips and screws. But the iPod touch along with its bigger iPad sibling has the display put together by using a sturdy adhesive. It is necessary to loosen it by applying heat to it before it may be removed.

There happen to be some areas you are required to take care of at the time of trying to pry up the touch front assembly of the iPod.  You will have to utilize the metal spatula and pry tool with utmost care while going around these portions so that you don’t tear cables.

Take away the shattered screen plus LCD assembly

First of all, place the heat gun on its lower setting and apply heat to the bottom edges towards the left of the iPod. You must be extra cautious at the time you lift it up, or you may handle it because the edges can be very hot. It will be appropriate in case you apply heat and pry tiny segments simultaneously so that you are in a position to grip the other side by the hand.

As you heat up a segment, utilize the pry tool or the metal spatula so that to gradually pry up digitizer and the LCD assembly by softly raising up amid the screen edge and the gasket.