Enjoy A beautifully Directed and Produced Horror Movie- The Castle

If you are a movie buff who loves to watch horror movies, then surely this Nazi ghost story horror film will give you goosebumps. Set in the backdrops of Germany, the movie gives you an insight of both historic and modern times. Created by John P Tomasek, the film is based on World War 2 era followed by two modern day tourists who find themselves strangled amongst Nazi ghosts in a haunted German castle. The movie begins showcasing a background of dark German history where the antagonist SS Nazi Colonel Oskar Hoffman has tortured and mercilessly killed a number of Nazi soldiers till he finally shot himself dead.

Now, the story opens in the modern times, where a Chicago couple, Anna and Walter gets a dream vacation offer which is too good to be true! They plan to avail this once in a lifetime opportunity and live their dream fairytale holiday. But it seems that their much assumed fairytale vacation turns out to be a nightmare when they get trapped in the castle. Soon, they realize that they are not alone in the castle. The castle is haunted by the spirits of SS Colonel and his men and their spirits have evil plans for them.

How the story unfolds, how they fight for their survival and their very souls struggle to get free is what the story reveals. The move is a real entertainment for all those who love to watch untraditional movies. Made in a unique movie setting in Chicago, the film displays the perfect German culture and historical World War 2 theme.

How is The Castle different from the other horror movies?

Shot in one heck of a big location in Illinois, it has an amazing backdrop of overall historical and horror theme. You enjoy a tragically brutal big battle sequence with a nice mix of horror genre and World War 2. The actors have acted really well and made The Castle, A WW2 based Horror feature film stand apart in its category. It will definitely give you goosebumps and jump scares and the more you see, the more you’ll discover.

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