ETH93: Need To Check It Out

The ETH93 offers you a simple lottery which will provide you unbiased winning chances. The game is very much transparent and is open to everyone who ever likes to play. It’s simple enough a lottery is held every day and a random number is declared as the winner. The winner gets majority of the money however a small amount is dedicated towards the charity from the winning money.

Tickets cost only of mere value so you won’t be risking much like something big. Every individual is allowed to purchase multiple number of tickets so that he can increase his odds of winning. The more the number of people the lower is the chance that you will win but the prize money increases with it.

Why to use ETH93

Unbiased: the customers who buy the lottery ticket are entitled to see our process which is 100% transparent and unbiased. This is the trivial part you need for any lottery or game which involves financial transaction. It is not like those website about which you don’t know what code is running behind to declare the winner. We provide block chain technology and the code of our website can be verified on so others can see exactly what we are using. The transparency is an essential part for trust building and in this blockchain technology plays a trivial role.

Decentralization: it is also one of the important aspect we don’t run on any particular server this allows lottery to be entirely decentralized. The real product is independent of these and our website manages it smartly so hackers can’t do anything to manipulate the game. if any of our website even goes down due to malicious attack it would have no effect and our lottery system will run out of it. So, you don’t need to worry about these things as we had made the entire process hack proof so you can all have equal wining choice.

Big jackpot: ETH93 is very unique in its own way as it provides you a very big pay out however the pay-out may vary with the number of people participating in it each day. It is also a good thing you have different probability of winning each day and a different amount to win depending on the participants. 93% of the winning amount is given to the winner and rest for charity and other things. this is the only one app where a portion of your winning goes to a recognized charitable institution.

ETH93 is one of the most transparent and big lottery hosting platform where you can take a lottery and if lucky enough you can win without any problem. You can see our transparent process we also provide various tools where you can check that we are authentic and are paying the winners. The best thing about this website is we also donate a little amount of money for the charitable institutions so that even the winner feels good about it.