Few Superior Specifications of Latest Gingerbread Android Phones

Android phones are coming up with many unique specifications, which have engulfed the mobile market and all mobile freaks. It is in a high competition with its rival companies. A new gingerbread handset has many advanced features such as 3. 75 inch screen, dual sim, dual camera, voice recognition software, big battery etc. People are quite excited about this new phone, which is available at a reasonable cost. This Android phone has a similar feature to Siri. A.I.S.H.A or artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant works on the same principle as Siri works, where you can command your phone by verbal instruction.


Features of Added Accessories of Latest Gingerbread Android Phones

The Latest Android phones are equipped with a dual camera in rear side and frontal side. The camera in the rear side has 5 mp attached with LED flash and the frontal camera of 0. 3 front camera. The rear camera is perfect to capture photos and shooting video. However, the camera in the front can be used for communication or video chat. Some of the latest Android phones have dual-band phone, which only supports GSM 900 and 1800 MHz.

Latest Android Phones Are Preloaded With Some Interesting Apps

Few of the latest Android phones are preloaded with many interesting apps. The apps such as MiBuddy, Mstore, Whats App etc. are preloaded in the phones. Apart from these preinstalled, you can download more of such apps from the Google Playstore. You will find many interesting games apps in the Google Playstore, which you will enjoy playing during your leisure time. Few of the apps can be downloaded free of cost. There are many paid apps, which you can download from Google PlayStore by paying the required money.

A.I.S.H.A or Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant

A.I.S.H.A is a hyped feature of latest Android phones, which is quite similar to Siri feature in iOS phones. Android and iOS are two close competitors of each other, and they are always busy in incorporating the best and new features in their upcoming phones. A.I.S.H.A, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant, will work as per your command. It will recognize your voice and will work accordingly. If you need to know about the weather report of your city, just say “What is the weather report of Kolkata” and A.I.S.H.A feature of your Android phone will answer to your question instant.

Long Battery Backup of Gingerbread Android Phones

Gingerbread Android phones are equipped with 2500 mAh Li-ion battery, which will last for long duration. In multimedia mobile set, battery backup is a severe issue. You need a long lasting battery backup to run your mobile in an easy manner. Often, you listen to mp3 songs and play game for long duration, which results in low battery. So, to avoid such inconvenience, gingerbread Android 2.3.4 phones has introduced a high power battery of 2500 mAh li-ion battery, which will last for long duration, once it is fully charged. With this new Android phone, you will no longer suffer from any type of trouble of low battery.

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