Gospel For India- A Home For The Homeless

Due to natural calamities, a huge part of the population suffers tremendously as they are poor and have nothing stable in their life. The government rehabilitation packages sometimes do no reach the people due to various political causes.  Due to this the entire civilization who are actually deprived in the society looses out faith and trust on the government. They feel that they are some abundant human existing in this world.


In this situation, Gospel for Asia an NGOoperating across the globe in various developing nations tries to give shelter to these people during any kind of calamity. KP Yohannan the founder of the NGO believes that every human is the children of God and it is their duty to give shelter to a god’s child.

Gospel for Asia was founded 30 years back and is now operating at various Asian countries.  The various countries where it has its branches are India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Cambodia and many more.  The organization helps in making a proper rehabilitation for the homeless.

What they do?

At the time of crisis, the NGO serves the basic amenities to the people like food, shelter and cloth.  The team reaches out to every remote location to help the people with the basic necessities of life. In a nutshell, they implement a huge process of working towards a better society by helping the people at the time of crisis.

Along with this, they also enlighten the people with the teachings of Christ. This is one of the heaviest inspirations which take place in this organization.  Every teachings of God are preached to those homeless.  This activity is just to make them realize their importance and also to build up a religious mind for them.

There are many homeless people who already have started to live permanently in the organization.  The government did give them rehabilitation benefits but still they wanted to spend their life over here.

The authorities of the organization have stated very clearly that they work completely on the ground of humanity. Their every activity is done for the sake of giving a better life to those homeless people.

Gospel For Asia is a religious non-governmental organization founded in the year 1978. The organization works with the goal of forming missionaries native to every nation who will reach all those deprived people who are unaware of the Jesus’s teaching and messages and suffering from different problems due to discrimination and natural calamities. All these missionaries reach these people and provide them with all kinds of support. Since its inception, it has not been involved in politics or other controversies.

A completely clean image and dedication to serve the mankind, these two features separate Gospel For Asia for other services. It not only provides temporary relief to the deprived people but they ensure that people get the chance to start and live a new life joyfully.  According to KP Yohannan, the organization will continues to serve the people till the time poeple need us.