GS RichCopy: A Data Copy Software

In this hi-tech world technology has made it easy to know everything about anything. You can grab any knowledge from internet and for further use you can save data. Copying and pasting data from one destination to another is most useful pattern but for very long files this idea seems worthless. Sometimes while copying and transferring data, server gets down and you find some important paragraphs are missing. Again you take help of other data copying software and you find mission failed. This must be an annoying process especially when you are in urgent need of any information. GS Richcopy is an amazing software to get your data copying and transferring data done in few seconds.

Major Benefits of GS RichCopy

This is a unique software process works with multi thread technology. You don’t have to waste much time and energy for transferring huge files. Richcopy is a software that can copy large files or modified data whatever you want. Sometimes you’re important documents get locked or deleted by mistake and you find yourself unable to open them. Richcopy can open those locked files with easy file name and path instructions. Once you start configuration process you don’t have to keep yourself engage with the process. All the process is automatic once you have given the right path of copying and transferring data. Richcopy copies the data to desired destination with same time and date and you can edit it if you want.

GS RichCopy 360 is Best Advised Option

GS Richcopy is most advanced software with so many unique features. Richcopy gives you easy instructions to copy data and save destination location, you can open locked files and preserve time and date. You can use run as a service option to save manual attention. Administration is as simple as that, once you start configuration process everything will be on your command.

GS Richcopy 360 provides many fruitful features such as when copying and transferring task would be done you will get e-mail. You can manage logging process so that you don’t have to waste time in logging again and again. Many software designers are working to beat richcopy yet they fail to create a multi thread technological innovation. This is a computing technology with high performance to get your huge data transfer job done accurately.

Richcopy Copies Data, Migrate Data and Synchronise Data Effortlessly

Richcopy is unique software, you can say a user driven software. Just by giving right commands and file path copying, migration and synchronizing process get done in few minutes. Richcopy can sync your blocked data and gives you modified data. Copying process is typically automatic and there is no need of personal attention. While sync process continues you should not disturb the server to get original data. Job completion gets confirmed with few clicks with amazing cloud based technology.

Richcopy is a software to copy files over driven network, it utilises copied data and keep it safe. Richcopy has migration software also, it automatically migrate copied data with data on copying process, Richcopy has file copy tool to transfer your original data. Once you choose GS Richcopy your computing experience will be mess free. You can be more active with advanced technological innovations.