How To Remove The iCloud Lock From Your iPhone 6

Well, if you’ve recently bought a second hand iPhone 6 online and certainly don’t hold any contact with the previous owner of the phone, then you cannot access the phone in anyway. Without knowing the Apple ID and pass, you cannot use the device.


The best way to get rid of iCloud Lock iPhone 6 is through Bypass iCloud Lock. And you certainly don’t have to go to the Apple Store for that! You can easily get rid of iCloud Activation Lock authorizations by following a few easy steps.

Owning a device with a different ID authorized on it is illegal. But, with the help of Bypass iCloud Activation lock, you can easily get rid of permanently. A lot of people are ignorant about the iCloud lock of the iPhone 6, they sell it without disabling this spec. and, once the phone is in the hands of the buyer, they are unable to use it.

If you know the primary Apple ID and password, then removing the Activation screen lock is simple. All you need to do is open “Settings”, switch to the “General” tab and then tap on “Reset” and finally you get the option of “Erase All Content and Settings”.

However, if you don’t know the seller, then only Bypass iCloud Lock iPhone 6 could be of real help to you. The iPhone 6 Plus unlock is done in the similar manner. Thus, before buying a used Apple product makes sure you know the ID and password.