Importance Of Setting Camera At Right Position

Photography is becoming the craze of the era, it’s a passion rather than profession. Having a good camera with latest technology is essential to catch rare clips. Along with good camera you also need some essential attachments to make your photography interesting. Tripod and monopod are essential kits for fine quality of picture. You just have to know difference between them. Both positions have their own benefits, tripod position and attachments are time consuming and heavy, monopod attachments are light and mobile. Before choosing one for your profession of photography you must know their benefits.

Camera tripod comes in different varieties, before buying you must decide your location. If you want to shoot at the place where you meant to make movements and take different angel poses, choosing a tripod which get fits into your legs are best. They give you freedom to move and avoid chances of falling. If you want to catch a rare clip and want your camera at still position, choose a tripod which catches mud or ice firmly. This tripod hold the floor firmly and allows you to take that one rare clip. Monopod vs tripod is important to learn in order to go for the best one as per your need.

Tripod are best for still pictures, any high definition picture, night scenes, landscapes and any rare clips. Monopod comes with single leg, this kind of kit is best for those photographic places where you have to rush here and there, monopod are light weight so allows your muscles to relax as you can firm them on ground with single leg. If you want to cover any family function or sports activity, may be you want to shoot whole live shows at such moments monopod supports you best. If you compare the picture quality, tripod gives high definition pictures, on the other hand monopod can shoot running pictures so they give less clear pictures. The one drawback of tripod is with three legs, it’s too heavy to carry. With single leg monopod are light and mobile attachment.

You cannot compare the benefits of tripod and monopod. Monopod vs tripod is hard to compare as both have benefits of their own. Tripod are best at places where you need technical compositions, monopod are best for versatile pictures. Suppose you want a modelling shoot campaign choosing tripod will help you. Because a model have to make poses and make efforts to connect with camera. There is nothing to do with camera to move here and there at such occasion tripod works tremendously well. Tripod catches fine and HD quality pictures which a model actually needs.

No flaws no darkness, no compromise can be supposed with a modelling shoot. If you want to shoot a wedding reception or some stage show at your kid’s school, you must choose monopod. These running pictures need to rush camera here and there, with single leg monopod works best. The traditional method for keeping camera still to shoot some night scene, some traffic area or some rare clips is tripod. But for moving photos using a heavy camera kit like tripod is not possible. Monopod is made of fibre and titanium which is very light weight material. With one leg it allows a shooter to change the position of his equipment rapidly. Where you need to catch a perfect shot in both terms of HD quality and perfection then tripod works for you. Both kits have their benefits and drawbacks, you must choose one according to your need.