Manage Spreadsheets With BigParser

Making and managing spreadsheets gets really hectic when there is numerous files and massive records in each file. Organizations and various firms like schools, colleges, universities and other industrial sites that involves in import and export of products and services and huge number of employees needs to have all the records from the first day of work to the present day to be kept securely.


Keeping the records safe is not an issue but making the records and then searching for some specific information when so ever required becomes a hectic work to be done. Most of the people who are applicable for such jobs undergo mental pressure when they are asked to search for a particular employee or person’s record out of the millions of records present in the spreadsheet.

As a result when the work gets huge, people end up making mistakes in providing the correct information. Hence, BigParser has now made it possible to manage spreadsheets in XLS, XLSX and CSV format easily via their new app. One can use their vlookup app to manage the multiple spreadsheets without getting exhausted by the manual searching. Check out to know more about it.

Its really a great app to use and you can really make things easy and convenient for you to use. So, get the best app installed and use it so as to save time and confusion.

One can just upload the files in the above mentioned formats and then get going with the management work. Whenever there is a need of finding out a record or an employee’s information, just type the name in the search box and one can get the records present. It is also possible to see a parse view of the records that belong to the same employee in different spreadsheets. It would get the records that are present with the same name and display the records in just one page in grid format making it easy for the viewer o see the various records and information. One can also download these results if required with ease.