Meet your Fitness Needs with CKO Kickboxing: Know about the Membership Prices

A major decision you will make regarding CKO Kickboxing is which membership plan will work for you. CKO has a variety of membership plans, from monthly to yearly. CKO offers deals and discounts on its memberships, so you should avail of these discounts and pick the most feasible option.

How much does a CKO Kickboxing membership costs?

CKO kickboxing cost is quite straightforward. One membership comes at a flat start-up price of $49.99, while the monthly membership fee is $90 for CKO Kickboxing.

This is the complete value of a CKO kickboxing membership, but if you cancel it before the expiry, a $200 cancellation fee is charged.

The members don’t have access to multiple club memberships with CKO kickboxing; you can visit different clubs and choose segments. However, you are charged for it, and it starts from $5 to $20, considering the placement.

What does the CKO kickboxing price includes?

A CKO Kickboxing membership offers unlimited access to all categories of kickboxing. The square measure exercise categories include amazing cardio and strength exercise. Suitable for beginners and top-class practitioners equally, CKO Kickboxing categories offer amusement and fun and help people get into form.

Working out with a varied number of people adds a sense of community. People work together for a reasonable reason and help each other acquire their fitness objectives. While it may appear tedious, it is suggested to always start under the guidance of an instructor.

While there are several categories accessible throughout the week, you can attend as many as you want in your CKO Kickboxing cost. Compared to other monthly athletic membership prices, CKO Kickboxing prices are highly affordable with a targeted fitness regime.

Hours of operation

CKO kickboxing hours include different attributes in the manner they work. The working hours are regular throughout the entire week, but the shutting hours at the CKO Kickboxing may differ slightly.

For example, some CKO kickboxing hours start early in the morning between 8 am to 9 am, and some operate all through the day, offering extended operations for different categories.

For instance, some CKO Kickboxing categories run till 9 pm. This means they are more feasible for a late-night workout.

It is important to check your area CKO kickboxing category schedule to get a complete breakdown of the timing. And, if you’re okay with the timing and membership plan you can start it immediately.