Software For Formatting Mac Hard Drives

Using mac over windows is not mandatory but people who have been using mac book with mac operating system are surely given up with some added facilities. Handling mac operating system is somewhat different from working on the windows operating system. It is not tough or easy, it is just different. A person who has recently shifted from windows operating system to mac operating system would surely agree to the fact that learning the features of mac operating system does take a little while.

Mac books are designed on graphical user interface just like windows but have some additional features. Siri helps in making the mac operating system user friendly and handy. Advance editing tools for pictures and videos are made available on mac operating system. Pictures can also be edited and converted in to gifs. The new file system helps in better organisation of files along with maintaining high security and fast file transfer speed. One can also check flight information in mac operating system. Along with the advantages mac operating systems have some problems too.

Formatting a hard disk is an easy thing to do when it comes to personal computers and laptops with windows operating system. One jut needs to right click over the hard drive one needs to format and get the option for formatting the machine then and there. Clicking on the format option helps one in deleting all the data permanently from the hard drive and start fresh. But there is no such method for deleting data permanently from a mac book or any device that run upon the mac operating system.

External software is required to be installed in a mac book or mac OS device in order to format mac hard drive. Various disks formatting software for mac are available in the market. One can simply learn about the best suited and easy to understand software and download it from the internet in order to format mac hard drive. There are three basic disk formatting software for mac. They are as follows-

  • Mac disk utility– This is an in- built software that helps in deleting data from the hard drive and external memory but then all the deleted data and information can retrieved using any data recovery software design for the mac operating system. Hence, one needs to be careful about deleting the data because the information is likely to be retrieved in future.
  • Super eraser– It is one the most reliable way to format Mac hard drive. The data is permanently deleted and it cannot be recovered in any case. This disk formatting software for mac can delete data from any hard drive, USB flash drive, memory cards or any other device that runs on the mac OS.
  • Start menu for mac– This software is same as the mac disk utility software but is faster and convenient. Data can be deleted from the hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card etc. but again can be recovered by using data recovery apps or software.