Some Of The Effective Treatment For Swimming Pools

You have a number of types of swimming pools. Pools offer different functionalities (you have sauna pools, the tropical swimming pools and more). They also differ on the basis of their size and condition like cleaning system, water temperature and disinfection functioning of the water. A wide number of reasons separate the indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

There is a big difference between pools that experience regular water refreshment and pools with a water recirculation scheme. The circulation pools get their water recycled by means of a water purification system. Some amount of the water is separated and taken away after the treatment procedure and then the pool is filled with new water.

With a continual flow, the water of the pool is constant refreshed. The water which is retreated from the pool is passed to the sewer or transmuted to a water purification plant.

Some of the water treatment methods for swimming pools

Swimming pool needs to undergo treatment to stay clean and clear and free from hazardous stuff like virus, bacteria, algae and other pathogens which may harm the swimmers.

Purification stages

The water of the pool is treated through several purification stages.

  • Firstly, the water of the pool is transported to a water purification plant.
  • In the plant, it flows through hair removal filter which makes the free from all types of raw pollutants like plasters, leaves, hair etc.
  • In the next stage, a flocculant is added which makes the colloids smaller in size to compound together. Colloids are floating substances of organic matter like textile fabrics and skin tissue. They also include skin fat, remains of soap, cosmetic items, Suntan Lotion in swimming pools and saliva.
  • Once these pollutants surpass the limit standards, they lead to turbidity.
  • Signs which showcase the presence of these particles are potassium permanganate and water turbidity.
  • The floating particles are eradicated via a sand filter. This filter is back flushed from time to time.
  • Lastly, all the pollutants are discharged into the sewer.

Public swimming pools are the pools which do not receive any familial environment. Thus they are more prone to get dirty and require treatment on a more regular basis. These pools were basically designed to maintain public health. The major aim for swimming pool treatment for public pools is to continuously render hygienic water even in high season usage hours. Thus, rational technique and good design of pool water treatment facilities are very important.