The Advantages of Shooting in a Syndicate

All over the country, Syndicate shoots are done by teams comprising men and women who are united by the goal of shooting. Other than teaming up with other shooters, a syndicate offers numerous other benefits:

The social factor

The primary benefit that comes to the mind is how sociable a syndicate member can get. A friendly syndicate has a great social side to him/her in the form of pre-season task parties, summer barbeques, shoot meetings and an end-of-season dinner. It is a big responsibility.

Even when you are a member of a syndicate that doesn’t offer all these things, still you cannot ignore the fact that syndicate membership puts you in close contact with other shooters- offering you the best chance to continue practicing the sport you like.

Shared responsibility

Of course, a syndicate structure differs depending on which team you’re a member of. However, it is sure that everyone has a definite role to play. Usually syndicates keep prices low by getting members involved in the task that a shoot needs.

Everyone working together in the group adds a sense of enjoyment and camaraderie to the shoot and it keeps the costs down too!


If you are not a part of a syndicate, it can appear like a tedious task trying to search for one that meets all your requirements, let alone the one of your area. However, the good thing about syndicates is that you can always search one which is close to your home meeting your requirements, expectations and budget.

To locate local syndicates, you can check out the ad columns on magazines or go for an online search and find the syndicates that announce vacancies.

Choice and variety

An unexpected benefit is that there’s a big amount of options available- whether it is a keeper-drive shoot in an area filled with birds or a lower option of a walked-up mixed shoot.

If you choose a specific type of shooting, don’t step down to the fact that you will have to compromise for syndication’s sake. You can take your pick from syndicates that are only interested in driving pheasants, or ducks or the ones specializing in grouse shooting or deer stalking.

In short, there is a syndicate out there for you to meet your wants.

Syndicate membership is cost-effective

Paying an annual membership fee is often better than paying by the day. If you are paying by-the-day-shoot, the cost adds up to a lot- not to state the cost of travelling to every shoot’s location that may be hours away from your location. When you are a member of your local syndicate, the travelling costs can be wiped out completely.

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