Tips for wearing a linen shirt to look stylish

With summer here, linen lovers excitedly look ahead to style their linen shirts differently. Linen is a light, breathable fabric usually preferred by well. You can uniquely style it with other outfits. Here is a style guide to help you wear linens formally and informally.

Wear linen shirts with shorts

Linen shirts and shorts are extremely loved during summers. Even people with any fashion sense can team these two and look stylish. And, it is quite safe to say that you will not go wrong with this style. So, mix and match the right colors and get your desired look.

Linen white shirts go well with all types of colored chino shorts. For shoes, you can either choose sandals or boat shoes. This is an effortless and casual look; hence, anything uncomfortable should not be included.

Wear a formal linen shirt with a pair of jeans

When you pick formal linen shirts, they gel well with jeans. However, it will not go well with all types of jeans. You should go for slim-fit jeans from your closet, and also remember, your line shirt should be a slim fit.

If you think whether your formal linen shirt is a slim fit or not, consider them showing your shoulder blades. If they do, they are a perfect slim-fit shirt.

Linen shirts with chino bottoms

Linen shirts and chinos will give you an ultimate look you desire. Just team your pure linen shirt with a tan chino. Whether you choose a formal or informal linen shirt, you can easily go for the look. Untuck the shirt to get a casual look.

However, make sure you mix and match the colors perfectly. And because you’re going for a casual look, choose solid shirts.

Tips for wearing linen shirts

  • Prefer an un-tucked look: Unless you choose to wear formal linen, go untucked.
  • Linen is not just for summers; you can wear it during winters too. Add some layers under it, or throw a jacket over it to get the perfect look.


If you’re looking ahead to purchasing men’s linen shirts online, you have an assortment of options to explore. Just consider your preference, choices and budget and start shopping. The collection is endless, from party linens to casual ones, formal ones to informal ones. It nearly comes to your choice, so make sure you know the kind of look you’re expecting and purchase accordingly.