What Is the Average Duration of a Meth High?

Meth increases the quantity of dopamine in the brain, which is a natural chemical or neurotransmitter. Dopamine helps people move, motivates them to do things, and rewards or reinforces them. A rise in dopamine may occur when someone smokes, snorts, swallows, or injects meth, leading to feelings of exhilaration and confidence. Meth users, like users of other drugs, frequently experience a crash after consuming the substance. But how does meth make you feel? What is the average length of a meth high?

How Long Does a Meth High LAST?

So, how long will you be high on meth? A number of factors influence how long a meth high lasts. A crystal meth high can last anywhere from 4 to 16 hours, depending on the user’s stage. The duration of effects from methamphetamine is mostly determined by when and how the substance was taken. A meth high is also a series of events that begin with a rush and end with a crash.

  1. The Rush

A rush of dopamine is felt at the start of a meth high. Meth users may experience a burst of energy or euphoria that causes their hearts to race, enhances their confidence, raises their metabolism, elevates their blood pressure, and causes them to speak quickly. Meth has a 14-hour initial high rush.

  1. The High

The initial surge of a meth high, popularly known as “the shoulder,” is followed by a longer-lasting high. The average duration of a meth high is 4 to 15 hours. Users may become more talkative and prone to disputing in order to make their point during this period. Ice users in the high phase are prone to fixating on a single activity, such as staring at an appliance.

  1. The Binge

During the binge phase of a meth high, users can keep the high going by taking additional meth. A binge can continue anywhere from 3 to 15 days, and the person gets more hyperactive during that time. During the binge phase, users may inject, snort, or smoke more ice, yet they may have a similar but shorter-lasting rush until there is no longer a rush or high. Physical tolerance increases the difficulty for users to feel the thrill of crystal meth, leading to bigger doses and a higher danger of overdosing.

  1. Shutdown Phase

When a methamphetamine user is tweaking, which occurs when a person has reached the end of a drug binge and can no longer enjoy a rush or high, they are at their most dangerous. Because of their increased aggression, irritability, and desire to damage themselves, this stage of a meth high is highly dangerous for the user and those around them. Users may believe that bugs are crawling under their skin, a condition known as meth mites, which causes intense itching. Furthermore, because crystal meth addicts can’t sleep for days at a time while bingeing, they may be in a completely psychotic condition, seeing and hearing things that aren’t real.

  1. Meth Crash

Crystal meth users may crash or sleep for up to three days after bingeing and tweaking. Their bodies are unable to cope with the overwhelming effects of meth on the brain and the massive doses they’ve consumed at this stage. During the meth crash phase, even the most severe and long-term users become almost lifeless.

  1. Meth “Hangover”

The user may have meth hangover symptoms such as severe hunger or dehydration, as well as mental, physical, and emotional tiredness, following the crash. Meth withdrawal might last anywhere from two to fourteen days. Because most users believe that taking more meth can alleviate these symptoms, they continue to use it, reinforcing their addiction, which necessitates meth addiction therapy.

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