What is the cost of a skip hire?

Skip hire is a good option to deal with waste and it is one of the most cost effective ways to get rid of your unwanted rubbish.  However, there are a few points which impact the cheap skip hire prices but the cost guide below will explain you the prices of skip hire in UK. A major factor which influences the price is the size of the skin require, the duration of the hire, your location in United Kingdom and whether you need a skip hire permit or not.

Cost of the different sizes of the skips

The size of the skip hire impacts the price a lot. The small skips cost less while the larger skips cost more. It depends on the amount of waste which every skip can hold. You need to dispose of the waste in the skip. Right from 2 cubic yard skip hire to 20 cubic yard skip hire, you have a number of sizes available to collect your waste. Depending on the amount of waste generated, you can pick the one feasible for you.

Other factors which affect the cheap skip hire prices are:

Council permit cost:

If the skip will be put on the council land like public road, then you need a skip hire permit for it. If you can place it on your own property, then you don’t need a permit. The permit for skip hire is issued by the local council and it may range somewhere around £ 14 to £60.

The cost according to region:

The skip hire prices may differ from one city to another. The prices may be higher in Greater London and South of England while the northern UK may have cheap skip hire prices like Northern Ireland, Scotland.

Hire tenure:

Another major factor which impacts the price is the hire period. The longer the hire period of skip hire, the more you need to pay. However this isn’t the case always. Some skip hire companies may offer unlimited hire periods.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

Usually, there aren’t any hidden costs involved when hiring a skip. Previously skip hires were only used by commercial clients, but now residential people also use it. It is important to compare the quotes of two or more skip hire companies excluding VAT and including VAT and then choose the one best suitable for you. You may be charged extra fees if your skip has prohibited items and waste.

Skip weight limits:

Every skip firm has its own set of rules and regulations of how much weight should be kept in a skip. As a general rule, the skip weight is calculated in cubic yard of waste which means a 2-yard skip can hold around 2 tonnes of waste.  You can normally fill the skip with material like dirt, rubble and the large skips can be decked with light and heavy waste.

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