When To Call For Blood Clean Up Service

Most people who have heard about blood cleanup services are never sure at what point they need to call up for the service. As a matter of fact, blood clean up experts normally advice that when you have a blood spill that is smaller than a plate, you may be able to do the cleanup on your own as long as you have protective equipment and  you are able to clearly follow the legally approved disposal methods. However, when there is a large blood spill and especially if it is in an industrial or commercial setting, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed so as to ensure the protection of employees. The person dealing with blood cleanup must be trained about blood borne pathogens as well as safety guidelines in dealing with biohazardous disposal. The regulations also dictate that the area has to be restricted until it has been sanitized completely.

blood cleaning

Blood cleanup technicians are normally called to deal with blood cleaning and traumatic injury clean up in different situations such as suicide, homicide, mass trauma, industrial accidents, gastrointestinal bleeding and road traffic accidents. Unlike what happens when you involve your typical carpet cleaning or commercial cleaning company, blood spills are treated using scientific processes so as to prevent the spread of germs in addition to making sure that the scene is fully remediated from visible blood stains and blood borne pathogens.

Contrary to popular belief, your commercial cleaning company can’t actually clean blood from your carpet or any other porous surface. It is actually a matter of fact that many reputable carpet cleaning companies will not attempt to do any blood cleanup at all; they are well aware of the potential danger of contamination that exists on their equipment and staff as well as the possibility of cross contamination to other homes. Carpet cleaning companies don’t have the training or the equipment that will keep their workers safe when attempting such a difficult procedure; as long as the blood spill is larger than the diameter of a standard plate, you are obliged by the law to call in blood cleanup experts.

Biohazard cleaning experts who do blood cleanup use extremely rigorous methods when they are dealing with any kind of blood spills. The process of biohazard removal normally goes beyond cleaning the visible blood spills; this may include cutting away affected parts of carpeting and flooring, walls, parts of the ceiling as well as adjacent furniture. They also offer legal medical waste transportation using specialized containers that will ensure contamination doesn’t take place until it has been disposed of; one they are done, the cleaned area will be tested thoroughly in order to ensure there is no biological waste that was left in addition to dealing with odor removal.