Why Do You Need A Taobao Agent?

What is the first consideration for Chinese Shopping online? Well, it’s nothing else other than Taobao. Right from fashion items like watch, dresses, handbags to other products such as camera, umbrella and LED lights, you can purchase anything from there. But you cannot directly buy from Taobao, if you don’t live in China.


You’ll have to face three major hurdles:

  • Language- Taobao is fully Chinese, thus you need a English Taobao agent
  • Payment- Taobao doesn’t use PayPal and thus, you need an agent who accepts PayPal.
  • Shipping- Taobao sellers aren’t familiar with the overseas shipping formalities and thus, you need an agent to ship your goods to Russia, USA, UK, Australia Brazil or Canada.

If you wish to discover a seller who can offer free shipping globally, then it is impossible as shipping overseas is way expensive than shipping in China. However, the good part is that with the help of a good Taobao agent, you can get cheap shipping worldwide. Whether you look for wholesale purchase or retail purchase, your agent will always assist you.

However, one thing which every purchaser needs to keep in mind is that if you’re using Taobao, then make sure that the product is in stock as the listing is free, the sellers list almost all the products whether they have it in stock or not. When a buyer contacts them, they suggest similar items and enhance their sale. Thus, if you’re specific about you purchase, make sure you inform your agent. Taobao agent is your sole helping hand if you’re making any purchase from China. Despite, you lack the knowledge of the language, proper payment methods, it is your agent that guides you out and helps you complete the transaction, right till the last.

Thus, these are the important pointers for which you surely need to hire a Taobao agent.