Working as a Charter bus Driver

If you love to drive, interact with people, and have a good driving record, then working as a driver for Gold Coast Bus Companies.  Depending on the company that interviews you for the job as a driver, you may need a certain number of years experience driving a bus while others offer on-the-job training.  Even if you have experience most companies will have you complete their training program so you can learn about the company and their expectations for you as a driver.  In order to drive a regular or luxury bus charter you will need your commercial driver’s license (CDL).  You will also have to pass a background check and drug test.

charter bus driver

Typically you will just drive but in some cases you one of your duties may be to act as a tour guide.  One example would be for the bus driver to give out information when driving through a particular location on their way to the group’s destination.  A charter bus driver does need to be a “people person” and even if they are having a bad day they still need to have a pleasing personality.  You will be responsible for giving the passengers any updates as to road conditions, any delays that might alter the schedule, or questions about the area they are passing through or their destination.

There are also secondary duties that you might be responsible for.  One such responsibility would be to help those with special needs such as having difficulty walking.  You would make sure that you help them on and off the bus and getting to and from their seat before and after you stop the bus.  A charter bus hire driver should know basic first aid and how to do CPR in case of emergencies.  They should also be able to drive safely in any type of weather.  They also need to be up-to-date on any weather conditions that could affect the trip, the passengers, and schedule.  For example, if you are driving a group to a ski lodge you need to know if there are any expected snow storms or bad weather that is coming in that could affect things.  If breaks are scheduled into the trip you will need to make sure that everyone is on board before you take off.

In addition, you could also find jobs working for a tour guide company.  Many times these companies offer small tours around their city such as to various museums, shopping areas, federal or state parks, etc.  Depending how long each tour lasts you could do two tours a day.  It would be your responsibility to get them to each place on the tour and wait in the bus until it is time to go to the next stop.