4 Greatest Tech Advancements Of Automotive Industry

The world before us has transformed significantly and we owe it all to ever advancing technology. From simple mobile phones to 3D printed human organs that can actually be controlled by brain transmission; such tech development removes the thin line between fiction and reality.

None of the industry has been left untouched by this tech advancement including automotive which everyone’s excited about. Today, our cars have the advantage of satellite navigation applications which relay friendly routes, in-cabin cameras, autonomous braking and even fully-automated vehicles; all of which is truly amazing and exciting.

Considering this, checkout some of the biggest technological breakthroughs in the auto industry which literally change the way you’d avail your Mercedes service in Dubai per se.

  1. In-car cameras

You’ll be surprised to know that the reversing cameras for trucks came out back in 1956 which further paved way for dashboard mounted and in-cabin cameras, optimising vehicle safety. Besides their installation in trucks and cars, these cameras further complements to sensory technology which facilitates in the development of autonomous vehicles including cars, busses and trucks so on.

  1. Autonomous vehicles

Auto industry experts and service providers predict a world ruled by autonomous vehicles is only a couple of years away. This distance is further shortened with huge strides in auto tech following continuous research conducted by industry giants namely Google, Tesla, Volvo, NVidia and more emerging every day.

As we speak, autonomous technology can already be experienced in latest cars across the world. Top vehicle manufacturers and competitors like Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes and more already cater to autonomous braking and collision avoiding systems which gives us ultimate road and vehicle safety.

  1. Satellite routing

21st century also brought us the ultimate benefit of standalone satellite navigation devices which bids farewell to those printed maps. Smart applications can be installed on your device or in-car smart system which literally transforms the way our vehicles are routed.

Among the most exciting developments is choosing an alternate route against traffic jams which allow drivers to reach their desired destinations on time. Some of these apps are smart and powerful enough to share essential data like nearest fuel stations, fuel cost, stop overs and more.

  1. Black box recorders

Leaping from aeroplanes to road vehicles, black box or data recorders now are widely used by car manufacturers or you can request custom installation on your next Mercedes service in Dubai. Looking back to 2003, black boxes were fitted to approximately 40 million vehicles.

Other upgrades

That said, vehicle manufacturers alongside car insurance companies now provide post-manufacture options where you can custom request for essential technology including black box recorders. In this case, it’s fair to say that technology has indeed revolutionised auto industry in many ways than anticipated but, we’re still far from achieving the radical.

Most notable of all are the cars owned by young drivers that are befitted with the latest in safety gear and technology. Car finance companies benefit similarly as sales of insurance premiums also increases with every new driver, the driving habit and type of vehicle.