All you need to know about Lace Frontals

Lace frontal is quite popular amongst African American women nowadays. It is the latest hair trend amongst fashionistas. Some women who are into hair product know a lot about lace frontal hair; however some don’t know much about here. So, here is a detailed description of lace frontals.

If you are looking for a sew-in hair weave look by closing off the install, then lace frontals will help you achieve it. It wipes out the need to blend and leave out. It works as the finishing piece which provides a complete head of weave. It is a hairline recreation which offers a protective style offering your hairlines and edges a break from the stress of sew-ins. Lace frontals go from ear to ear and allow you to part your frontals anywhere you want.

Do you need a frontal?

Well, it depends! Lace frontals are for people without hair edges. It is not for those with full edges. If you have hair edges and still want to go for lace frontals, then you will have amazing results. Frontals are definitely a thing to go for but they include a lot of work! Often people going for a frontal install think that it is same as a lace closure with regards to maintenance, but it is not so! If you are one of those who go for regular hair sittings, then you should definitely try a frontal. And, if you are someone who doesn’t have an active lifestyle, then also you can try a frontal. In short, frontal is for everyone.

Will a frontal protect your hair?

Yes, it can! It depends on your maintenance. If the upkeep is nice, installation and removal is proper, then it will not hurt your hair rather protect it.

Maintenance needed for lace frontal installation

  • It is very important to be gentle.
  • Don’t brush or tamper the frontals too much.
  • Do not stick anything.

For how long a lace frontal installation last?

It depends on your sweating. If you sweat a lot, then the adhesive will not stay for too long. Frontals aren’t for people who have really sweaty heads. Glue and sweat doesn’t get along well. But overall, an installation may last for 2-3 weeks.

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