Best And Free IPhone Apps To Download

With more than a million of apps to go through and choose your desired one to download, it is quite a daunting task to choose the apps which are free and the one which worth your money and time. Right from entertainment to professional help, every app is designed to be your good buddy and let you spend less time in installing it on your smart device and feel nothing superior to it in its use and features.


Here are the apps that worth totally a glance of yours.

  • Hyperlapse

This app is used in Instagram to create time lapse video with the use of the smart device camera. By simply putting it, the apps clicks the sequence of the picture according to the set intervals and recording the changes takes place slowly as per the time. This feature, when played at a normal speed makes the video come into view to move more quickly. This app makes use of an inbuilt stabilizing technology, which is very amazing to use.

  • Wiper messenger

There are many apps to save time and money with its use and are considered the best iPhone app for the users. Well Wiper is the widely used app which tops the Android list of the more used apps. It is similar to Cyber dust and Snapchat and takes the deleting of the text to a new level. You can send messages from the receiver’s inbox and from the service provider records which is a good feature. It notifies you when the recipient takes a shot of the text you have sent through this wiper.

  • iPassword

Sometimes, we find ourselves losing our important passwords through hackers which get it through their ingenious methods to steal data and confidential matter. IPassword is a genius app which generates the simple-minded passwords for each of the important accounts and cleverly allows you to access them with simple ways through the application it has a complete integration with Apple iPhone 6 fingerprint security system. Its basic version is free and is considered as the most innovative piece of advanced software.

  • Sporty

If you are a great ardent of sports then get this app as it simply helps you to join in different sporting activities which are taking place in your nearest location. You can broadcast a message to the other players to join you if you are going to the football or rugby match and plan for an interesting game out easily.

  • Sidechef

This is the favorite app to get the cooking classes on your phone. Isn’t it amazing to download and enjoying cooking right away! Well, this app funded iOS app and uses audio and video clips to take you to the whole new world of culinary art. You find more than 1000 voices who guide you to make lip-smacking recipes.

  • Amazon instant Video

The popularity of this app is due to the unlimited download of movies and Television episodes with no extra charges, but possibly with an Amazon Prime membership as well. You can watch your favorite video in short time without wasting time as it is instant and new in version.

  • iTunes

This is the most used apps on the Apple device and it is pretty difficult to listen to the music on your iPhone 6 without it. However, iTunes is the most established and high profile app available in the app store and it is showcased as one of the best iPhone apps liked by users. It delivers amazing and outstanding music with playing package to enjoy during your journey, leisure time or to enhance your mood.

Just hunt for more and more apps which make your iPhone more powerful. If you are the one, who had been waiting to know about the best apps which you can download on your Apple iPhone 6 then check out the list above and have all of the above apps in your smartphone to make every move of yours in an advanced and genius way.