Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

The entrepreneurs across the world have been experimenting different tactics to enhance their employees’ productivity level to increase yield and business profitability. Employee monitoring is considered to be the most significant factor in boosting the workforce efficiency. In this digital age where no business can survive without computers and the internet, the conventional employee monitoring tools are not enough. The technologists have given several applications and software to monitor the workforce and manage business operations and company assets remotely. This article discusses how employee monitoring software facilitates business owners and managers in keeping an eye on the workforce.

How to Monitor Employees Remotely with Monitoring Software

The monitoring and tracking software have been developed for the employers to keep track of the activities of their workers performed on their computers and mobile phone devices. While there are numerous monitoring apps out there, TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable employees monitoring software that grants complete control to employers. It allows tracking the computers, cell phones and tablets running different operating systems. Once you download and install the software on the company devices, you can monitor and remotely operate these devices from your own computer or cell phone. Read on to know how this software facilitates businesses in monitoring and managing their workforce and taking their businesses to next level.

Monitor Internal Communication

The businesses cannot afford to have the internal and external communication unsupervised. You must be acquainted with how your workers are communicating with each other and with the clients. The monitoring software lets you track the conversations of your workers made with other co-workers, customers, and third parties through messages, phone calls or communication applications such as Skype and WhatsApp. By logging into the online control panel of the spy app, you can read all the incoming and outgoing short and instant messages of your workers, and listen to their inward and outward calls.

Track Remote Workers

The cell phone spy app lets you monitor your remote workers tracking their cell phone and locating their whereabouts. This facilitates the carrier companies to keep an eye on their traveling workers in order to keep their productivity. The app also lets you mark locations to be notified of your worker’s entrance and exit from specified places.

Monitor Social Media

Social media is of crucial importance for the businesses as it lets you introduce your brand to the world and communicate with your potential customers. The monitoring software lets you track the company social media accounts to make sure the social media managers are executing their jobs honestly and not any false information is being provided to the target audience.

Measure Productivity

The spy software lets you identify your productive and unproductive employees by tracking their activities during working hours. You can know what your workers are doing on their computers, what they are watching or even typing. The spy app lets you capture the screenshots of the targeted computer from the online control panel of spy app. It lets you know if your worker is busy executing the assigned task or watching YouTube for unproductive purposes.

Eliminate Workplace Gossips

The bugging feature of the monitoring app lets you operate the microphone of the targeted cell phones or laptops to listen to the conversations of your workers in real-time. If you are doubtful of any misconduct or forthcoming danger, you can turn on the microphone of specific worker’s computer or cell phone device to be aware of the actual situation.

Prevent Workplace Bullying

Bullying can have the worst impact on your workers’ performance. The spy app lets you combat workplace bullying and sexual harassments by letting you closely watch out the workers’ activities. You can remotely operate the cameras of each worker’s cell phone or computer device and see what is happening around.

Supervise Internet Use

The tracking software lets you supervise the internet use of your workers to make sure the facility is being utilized only for the welfare of the company. You can access the internet browsing history of your workers’ computers and cell phones. Also, you can find out which websites are frequently visited and at what times.

That is not all. The employee monitoring software benefits the businesses in countless ways and helps to get the best out of workers without employing unfair tactics.