Different types of bows which are in great demand

Throughout the history archery bows have existed in different forms and designs. Through the ages, bows have evolved a lot and many are made available with several components like carbon fibre, fibreglass and much more. Some of them even have advanced features and shooting mechanics. Some of the most demandable bows which are available in market include long bow, recurve bow, cross bow, compound bow and more. Some of the bows are quite advanced which gives best and most remarkable experience to the archers.

Different types of archery bows – Here are some of the main kinds of archery bows which you can buy as per your needs and like –

Compound bows – These bows use mechanical wheels for increasing the force when arrow is shot from bow. Due to this, compound bows become more powerful in comparison to recurve bows or traditional long bows. Different types of compound bows are variable in market, but before buying one you must understand the difference between its varying types. Some of their types are single cam bow, twin cam bow, binary cam bow and hybrid cam bow. You can also buy a compound bow online at much affordable price.

Cross bows – This kind of crossbow is in use from ancient times and mainly used during war time. It is even used in China in ancient times during 600 BC. While on other hand, modern cross bows are used for hunting and sport. It is equipped with horizontal limbs which are mounted in stock and this will add shoot projectiles which will be arrows. The arrows which are used with cross bows are called bolts or quarrels and bow is known as prod or lath. Cross bow is most common type of survival bow. Average arrows are used with this bow which makes it great option for hunting games.

Yumi bows – This is a Japanese kind of bow and is mainly used in Japanese archery well known as Kyudo. Before inventions and other advancements, Yumi bows were used by samurai as their main weapon. This bow is tall and is much taller in comparison than average archer. Yumi bows are made from mixture of bamboo and wood. Nowadays, there are three different types of Yumi bows available. You can synthetic Yumi bow which is made with carbon fibre and fibreglass. Another one is made with lacquered bamboo and other is authentic bamboo Yumi bow. Standard bamboo bow is the most used Yumi bow and less expensive in comparison with others.

Recurve bows – These bows are used by horsemen from long history and its modern versions are used in various archery events like Olympics. Due to their shape they got this name. Central part of limbs curve towards archer and tips of limbs curve from the archer. This gives more power to the bow and for using the bow less strength is needed. Recurve bows are mostly used for teaching the beginners and trainers often use bare bow recurve as it has only one string. Components like stabilizers, pressure buttons, clickers, sights and other things are added to the bow.