Essential Eye Exercises For Myopia

Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition most of the individuals would experience throughout their lifetime. It refers to an inability to focus on faraway or distant objects due to weakened vision often a result of the natural ageing process but, in today’s tech-advanced world, digital devices seems to be the major cause of the onset.

The prescribed form of eyewear that can be glasses or contact lenses is a basic treatment for near-sightedness but, most of the individuals would prefer eye exercises. That said, an eye is a muscle which would stay is a good condition of regularly exercised that also complement improved vision. Let’s look at a few that can certainly help in permanently treating the near-sightedness.

The success extent

Myopia is caused by many different things, and if visual fatigue’s one among them, then eye exercises can certainly work wonders. But if the anomaly is inherited, these essential exercises won’t do much. Still, here’s how these simple eye workouts can be beneficial;

  • Imminent increase in eye function and improves focus
  • Reduce eyestrain and sensitivity to light (photophobia)
  • Strengthen the eyes and surrounding muscles
  • Also helps with other vision factors such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and depth perception so on.

Guaranteed results or otherwise

When the primary cause of myopia is heavily influenced by hereditary factors rather than visual fatigue, these eye exercises won’t be much effective. Still, they can definitely help in slowing down the progression of the onset. You can always seek effective treatment of myopia in Abu Dhabi since the UAE’s capital has some of the best eye care facilities.

Lifestyle and daily routine also play a crucial role in the effectiveness of eye workouts. Take for instance an individual having poor visual habits such as spending excess time on digital devices without any break in between; the effective outcome is least likely.

Then there’s the number of essential nutrients you receive from the diet which can either boost or diminish the vision health. Vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin are considered essential eye vitamins that occur naturally in many different items and daily consumption or as prescribed by the doctor would ensure healthy eyesight.

Near-sightedness & eye exercises

  • Hand-eye coordination

During this particular workout, you would stand in the middle of the room with your back absolutely straight. Face a picture on the wall and straighten up your index finger couple of inches from the nose, make sure both eyes are focused on the fingertip. Now, quickly switch the focus from picture to the finger unless the distortion subsides, and the picture appears clear just as the finger.

  • Focus exercise

This particular workout is performed by sitting down and holding the pencil approximately six inches from the tip of the nose. You needn’t stare at the pencil but quickly switch the focus from the object to the other side of the room. Continue for a few seconds unless you’re better able to keep the focus with an absolutely clear vision.


Stick to these workouts, and you’ll definitely benefit but, it’s always better to consult an eye specialist for correct treatment of myopia in Dubai.