Get tested for Covid 19 to travel

With so many vaccines being given, the requirement for Covid testing has changed. There have been guidelines where fully vaccinated people can travel worldwide with lower risk and do not need to get tested before or after travel. However, some countries still demand a before or after Covid-19 travel test, and you may need a negative coronavirus report before you board the plane to reach any destination. Some people also do it to get peace of mind. So, here are some points to consider when getting tested for Covid-19 to travel:

Who wants you to be tested?

Vaccine passports have replaced the negative corona reports, but till it is official, you may have to get yourself tested to travel. You should get tested 1 to 3 days before making the trip with an antigen test or PCR test three to five days after travel.

Where to get a covid 19 testing in the UK?

Several places offer covid-19 testing, including clinics, fire stations, hospitals, pharmacies, and airports. However, if you are looking for a DHSC approved service provider, then 107 Harley Street Covid testing is the best place. You can choose from the different tests available, from super-quick rapid lateral flow antigen tests to PCR tests. You can get the right testing certification for national and international travel.

Once you check with your airline about the testing they demand, you can easily book your appointment. If you are travelling, make sure you provide a valid email address to get your test results.

Steps to time your Covid test for a travel

Travelers should look for a sweet spot for their Covid-19 test before their travel. Plan it early, and you have the risk of getting the virus. Plan it too close to your leaving date, and you are at the risk of getting delayed results. It is important to remember here that different tests have different wait times. An RT PCR test results take two days, while Rapid tests may take just a few minutes. On the other hand, some test results may take weeks.

Even if you have been given a deadline for a report, it may get delayed. Hence, the right timing for the test is very important. Have a buffer time between your test result and trip to reduce such risks.

At Harley Street Covid, patients are expected to be tested 72 hours before their travel. So, visit it accordingly and get your results at the right time.