How does pest control help in getting rid of moths in house?

A moth infection is just the same as wolf dressed in sheep’s attire. Though it may appear harmless in comparison to other pests, but it can give a lot fiscal damage and health troubles to you.

However, in order to know about the losses they have caused, you should know which part of the house they have infested. Is it the kitchen, your cupboard, panty or carpeted living room? Remember moth infestation doesn’t damage one thing but the entire collection because of their chain reaction. You cannot prevent a moth infestation by yourself. It includes proper inspection, attempt to control their population and to prevent them from coming back.

What kind of infestation has occurred in your house?

There are different types of moths in house. An expert can tell you what kind of moth has infected your house and take proper actions to deal with them.

Signs of infestation

Moths can find their way to every room. The kitchen, pantry, living area, clothing cupboard, they can be found everywhere. Some signs of moth infestation are seeing them on bulbs, finding holes in your clothes, finding moth larvae crawling on your carpet or floor.

Seeing moth’s entry in your house professionally

The first question a professional will ask is if you close your windows and doors in the evening or not. If you cannot compromise on ventilation then get a mesh installed.

Another major point to consider is if there are any leakage problems or structural damages in the house. Any cracks or opening may serve as their entry point.

Also notice if your house has a warm environment and well-stocked food resources or not.

Seek moth pest control help to save yourself from great damage

A moth infestation can damage a lot of things in your house. They make a mess of your upholstery, linen, carpet and clothes and get in your stocked food and make them inconsumable. Hence getting moth pest control services is very important to tackle their infestation at the earliest.

Home remedies to control moths in the clothing cupboard

  • Make sure your clothes are nicely cleaned. Check for moth eggs before assembling the clothes back. Do not put dirty clothes in the cupboard.
  • Keep the winter clothes in a plastic bag and then store it in cupboard to avoid moths reaching out to them
  • Place a lavender or cedar fragrance in your cupboard as they work as a deterrent.