Know all about Conveyancing Fees

There are several conveyancing quotes out to deceive you, hence be alert!

Because conveyancing is quite a competitive business nowadays, several firms use tricks to make their conveyancing quotes appear better and more affordable than they are in real.

This guide will help you know what cost should be added to the quote altogether and prevent you from being ripped off.

Conveyance’s basic fee

The typical cost of getting the services of a solicitor for the transaction may vary from one firm to another. However, currently, only two thing needs to be considered:

  • High cost doesn’t lead to better services
  • And, anything that appears too good to be true should ring bells.


Disbursements are products your conveyancing attorney will pay from your side to the third party and is majorly paid regardless of whether or not your conveyancer has a no-move no fees policy.

Usually, the disbursement cost is average on average from one conveyancing quote to the other. They are basically fixed charges and have to be paid.

In between the transaction, you may experience inevitable extra disbursements. Your conveyancer will inform you about these charges and the costs as and when they come into existence.

How much should you pay?

  • For selling a house

The average conveyancing fees UK that a good attorney charges is between £500- £800 if the property is freehold with a mortgage. The charges will include an additional £200-£400 when the property is leasehold. You can deduct £50 if no mortgage is present.

When should the fees be paid?

When you ask a solicitor for their services, you should pay upfront. The payment may be somewhere between £300 to £600 but can vary according to the conveyancer’s rate and type of property.

It also includes any payments done to third parties related to disbursements, like:

  • Searches
  • Buying official copies
  • Online ID assessment fees and more

If the conveyance has funds on the account, it will secure your time and friction of asking you money several times, all through the transaction.

  • For buying a house

The payment of the conveyancer may range from £300- £800 to order your house searches. You don’t have to pay anything till you exchange contracts.

The balance of the amount is done before completion, including land registry payment, stamp duty, and the remaining payment of the conveyancer.

Things to consider when comparing quotes

A small trick that some companies have employed is to invent disbursements. These firms take the task and ask for payments, including future additional disbursement and put a big price tag on these headings.

It does three things:

  • Makes the conveyancing firm earn additional profit.
  • It gives you the impression that their flat fee is much lower than in reality.
  • Makes the conveyancing quote appear cheaper to you, but it is far more costly in reality.

Hence, the bottom line is to choose a reliable, reputable and genuine conveyancing company that charges you reasonable fees. You can compare two three quotes and their services and pick the one feasible for you.