Know all about Sport Clips

With its unique sports-based environment and relaxing vibe, Sport Clips has been a magnificent salon franchise in America. If you want to know if the salon is a nice fit, this is the place to get all the information.

A little history

Sport Clips was launched by Gordon Logan in Texas when he witnessed an opportunity in men’s and boys’ haircutting.

He aimed to develop a place where men could unwind and enjoy a good haircut and launched Sport Clips salon. Today the franchise salon is available in all 50 states of the US. The stylists here are exceptionally trained to meet the needs of men’s hair.

Opening and closing hours

Sport Clips working hours may differ based on location. But the usual hours include 9 am to 8 pm on all days of the week.

What makes Sport Clips different?

The majority of the Sport Clips workforce includes women. It also has big screen TVs to catch your attention. The salon offers spa treatments and different cuts to the customers. It pampers you and relaxes you without burning a hole in your pocket. The salon franchise aims to offer men a memorable experience and precise styles.

Sport Clips Prices

The Sport Clips prices are an interesting topic. Here are Sport Clips prices 2023 mentioned for you:

  • The varsity haircut ranges from $17 to $21 for juniors, seniors, men, and women.
  • The Triple Play includes haircut, steamed towel, and massaging-shampooing, priced at $22.
  • The MVP includes haircut, massaging, shampooing, steamed towel, and shoulder and neck massage and is priced at $24, with double MVP and triple MVP priced at $29 and $34, respectively.

For further queries on Sport Clips cost, you can call your nearest franchise to confirm. The prices sometimes differ depending on small towns and big cities.

Haircut themes

The Varsity haircut: This is the classic haircut offered to men and women. It begins with a consultation. You can choose the type of cut you want. Your stylist will suggest how it will best fit you.

Triple Play: It includes a hot steamed towel and shampooing and massaging for a better and cleaner look.

MVP Precision: It includes massaging, shampooing, steamed hot towel, haircut, and neck and shoulder massage.

So, if you want a good hairstyle, this is the best deal to consider. You can enjoy a great haircut and entertainment by being priced effectively with the best services.