Kudremukh Trek : How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Kudremukh translates to “horse’s face” in Kannada. Because of the shape of the mountain, it was given this name. The summit is actually surrounded by a National Reserve forest.

This hike is best done during the winter or cooler months. At that moment, you would be likely to see some of the most stunning sights.


The Trek’s Basic Information


The trek’s highest point –

The trek’s highest point is 6,207 feet above sea level.


Difficulty Level – The journey is moderately difficult, and beginners can go on it with a little help and advice about the area. The trail is largely enjoyable and a little tough, which adds to the excitement.


Trekking Distance – The journey is around 18 kilometers long and may be done over the course of a weekend.


When is the best time to visit Kudremukh?

The optimum time to get onto the Kudremukh trek is during the winter and monsoon seasons. The environment here is particularly hot and humid during the summer months, therefore visiting this journey at that time would be a bad idea.


Stick to the months of November and February and June to August, when the weather in Kudremukh is at its best.


Region – Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district


Number of Days Required for Trekking – The trip distance is about 18 kilometers, and it can be accomplished in two days. As a result, it’s one of the greatest time treks.


ATM Points – You will find the last ATM locations until you reach Kalasa, which is also where you will begin your trip.


Path Type – The trek’s trail is breathtakingly beautiful. This trip mostly takes you through meadows and wooded trails. The view is dazzling and definitely worth the work.


How to Get There – The expedition begins in Bangalore. The distance between Bangalore and Kudremukh is 333 kilometers, which would need an overnight journey. The Mangalore railway station, which is 130 kilometers away, is the closest station to Kudremukh.


In addition, nearby Mangalore Airport Terminal is the closest airport. Kalasa, which is 20 kilometers away, is the closest town to Kudremukh National Park. The Chikmagalur district’s highways are well connected to this town.


Information of the Trek — This page contains all of the information on the trek. The trek will take two days to complete from Bangalore, and below is the complete itinerary for the 2 days.


You must depart from Bangalore on Friday night and go to Kalasa, after which you must travel to Kudremukh and begin the trip the following morning.


Day 1: Kudremukh Peak Trek


You arrive in Karnataka after an overnight journey, where the lush greenery welcomes you with open arms.


From Chikmagalur – Kudremukh trip is one of the most luxurious and beautiful road trips you can do.


You’ll be passing through coffee plantation communities and waterfalls, providing an incredible off-roading adventure.


Breakfast will be served early in the morning, with great local coffee.. After that, you’ll go hiking on the Kudremukh summit.


You’ll be passing through tropical rain forests as well as streams. On the journey, you’ll pass across ten water streams.


With camping, a bonfire, a delicious meal, and a lot of fun, the day would come to a pleasant conclusion.


Day 2 – Return and Explore


The next day, you’ll cross the streams once more and spend the day touring the area.


Coffee plantations can be found all over the place, and the scenery is rather lovely. After exploring, you’ll eat lunch before continuing on your journey to Bangalore.


Things to Carry

Backpack includes all of your essentials to complete the Kudremukh hike.

Because the temperature on the Kudremukh hike is unpredictable, you should bring a raincoat.


Bottles of water, or any beverages you want, such as nutrition packs.


Snacks like protein bars and snack bars will keep you going on your Kudremukh journey.


All first-aid supplies and drugs that you think you will need are included in your Personal Medical Kit. It is usually a good idea to bring medications for headaches, nausea, and dizziness. While in Mountain shelters or elsewhere, you may catch a cold or cough.


Wind or waterproofingCoats, t-shirts, track pants, thermal outers, hiking boots, and jackets are all must-haves in your wardrobe. You’ll need all of the essential winter clothing for winter trips.


Put all of your toiletries in one bag because you’ll be using them the most.


Remember to include extra accessories such as Sunglasses, caps, gloves, the walking stick, a flashlight, and other accessories are available.


When visiting a Himalayan camp, You must not wear sneakers, jeans, or shorts. When possible, wear joggers and trekking pants.