Kudremukh trek perfect destination to spend your vacation

On your vacation are you planning to spend your time staying in the middle of nature? If yes then you should visit this trek. The Kudremukh trek is in the Chikmagalur district, Karnataka. The Kudremukh peak got its name from the similarity it shows to a horse’s face. Also in Kannada Kudremukh means a horse’s face. Kudremukh is situated at an altitude of about 6200 ft and is one of the highest peaks in Karnataka. There are high chances that when you are trekking here you may get to look at deers and peacocks. The reason for spotting them is because this trek is in the Kudremukh National Park. This trek is filled with flora and fauna which makes the trek more pleasant and pleasing for the eyes.

How to reach?

The start of the trek is Mullodi village, to reach there you will need various modes of transport.

  1. If you plan on coming in your private vehicle then you will have to stop at the Kudremukh entrance. From this point you can’t take your vehicle as the route to the forest office is not very good. When you reach the entrance point you will get to see a lot of jeeps waiting there, you will have to take one of those. If you have booked a stay then you can go there in the jeep or go to the forest office.
  2. If you don’t have your private vehicle you can travel in public transport. If you plan on taking a bus, then the bus would drop you at the village Kalasa. The buses to Kalasa start from Bangalore. This is the base village from where you would have to take another bus which will drop you at the Kudremukh entrance. At the Kudremukh entrance you have two options, either walk to the forest office or take the jeeps available there.
  3. If you are planning on coming by train or flight, the nearest airport and railway station is Mangalore. Both are at a distance of about 130-140 km.


Best time to visit?

Usually the ideal time to visit any trek is monsoons and winters as the climate at that time is desirable. From the month of June to February are the best months to go for this trek. During the summer season the heat is a lot which might make the trek difficult. Winters and monsoon have the best climate and you can also see some streams formed while trekking.


Level of difficulty?

The trek is not a difficult one but a little training before the trek would be beneficial. There are these two places where you might find a little difficulty. The first is when you have to cross the streams and when there are forest sections it might be slippery.


Reasons to do this trek?

There are a few reasons why one should go for this trek-

  1. The major attraction is the Horse face like look of the peak
  2. You get to trek amidst the Shola forest
  3. A fun thing on the trek is that you have to cross small streams which is quite adventurous
  4. You might see deers and peacocks during the trek
  5. There might be a few coffee plantations
  6. If you are staying at night you can light the bonfire
  7. If you have stayed you can also see the sunrise and sunset
  8. Last but not the least is that you can visit the national park


Things to carry?

The most important thing that you need on a trek is a strong backpack to carry all the things. This is a list of things you might need on the trek-

  1. Carrying a water bottle is essential
  2. Carry dry snacks to munch on if hungry and when there are no stalls around
  3. Sunglasses or cap
  4. A first-aid kit
  5. Wear clothes that would dry off quickly
  6. Carry jacket/sweater and raincoats
  7. If you plan on staying the night you would need extra pair of clothes and toiletries
  8. A torch with extra batteries

These are a few things that you should carry, if you have any other personal requirements you can carry that as well.

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Places to visit after the trek?

Once the trek is over there is a list of places that you can visit.

If you are going to Bangalore then you can visit these places on your way- Horanadu Temple, Ballarayanadurga Fort Trek, Aane Gudda Trek and  Meruti Hill.

If you are traveling towards Mangalore then these are the places you can go to – Lakya Dam Lake, Kadambi Falls, Hanuman Gundi Falls and Kurinjal Peak.


This is like a complete guide for you when you are planning to go to Kudremukh. If you go for this trek you wouldn’t regret it. The trek is full of enjoyment as it is full of fauna and flora.