Learn The Perfect Way To Clean

Cleaning your house can be tough job. You need to take care of each room and each article in a different way otherwise you might end up make things worse than before. Most people clean in their own way using products they prefer. But they don’t know that they have been cleaning their house all wrong. If you ever see a maid come in to clean a hotel room, you will see that she just sprays a special liquid over most of the surfaces and wipes them clean. In a matter of minutes the whole room becomes sparkling clean.

You will see that the people working for professional cleaning services can clean your house in a jiffy, while it would have taken you a whole day to do it yourself. These people make use of the best products and techniques and that is what makes them professionals.

Best way to clean

The most quick and efficient way to clean is wiping things down and then moving on to the next item to clean. Zone cleaning or cleaning your house one room at a time is a major mistake most people commit. Though it gets the work done, but it takes up a lot of time. This way most people get focussed on cleaning a particular part, which takes most of your time. You can choose to just clean your kitchen for four hours or clean your whole house in four hours. Ask any professional and they will be in support of Task cleaning instead o Zone cleaning. Complete one chore at a time, such as dusting the whole house at once, before you start the next one.

Ultimate cleaning guide

The recommended plan of attack is to go from top to bottom and left to right. Just start from the highest part of the room and move from left to right direction while dusting or cleaning. This way you will ensure that you don’t miss anything and you also don’t drop dust on already cleaned surfaces. Flow the guide step by step to clean you house fast.

  1. The first step is to dust your house thoroughly. Dust everything, from the top of furniture to under the selves. All your handrails, picture frames, television screens and all other knickknacks need to be dusted.
  2. Next you need to clean the fabric of your furniture. Remake your bed; remove the dirty sheets and the pillow covers. Put fresh ones on. Make your pillows and blankets neat and tidy.
  3. Clean your mirrors and all the other glass surfaces like windows. Use a wet and dry microfiber cloth to leave no traces behind just like the people from professional deep cleaning services would do. Also wipe down all countertops and other surfaces.
  4. The next thing to do is clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Spray the cleaner on the sinks, toilets and tub and then go clean your kitchen. Come back and scrub all the dirt away
  5. Scrub and mop your kitchen and bathroom floors. Vacuum the rest of the house and you will be done.