Secure And Serene Sustainable Pools

Do you see yourself fantasizing about a backyard swimming pool, but when you think about the continuous maintenance and harsh chemicals, then you drop out the idea eventually? More and more house owners are looking for the natural alternative to the conventional chlorinated pool as they are sustainable swimming pools. Chemical free, environmental friendly swimming pools have lower maintenance and are healthy means.


Natural pools radiate a natural ecosystem which basically maintains itself. But it simply doesn’t mean that you are sacrificing clean, healthy water and pool safety for a natural and aesthetic look. Usually natural swimming pools feature two connected areas- a shallow location for plans as well as one for swimming. The roots of water plants like duckweed, water lilies and cattails eradicate bacteria and other toxins. Some sustainable pools also feature a UV sterilizer to ensure there are no germs in the water.

For those who are thinking they will be squishing their toes in the muddy water, well that’s not gonna be it. Sterilized soil are used for plant pond and for swimming area, you can use gravel, rubber, natural stone, concrete or bentonite clay.

Sustainable swimming pools make use of biological filters to keep water tidy, clear and chemical free. The water of the pool is circulated by means of a pump via a plant filter location or gravel filter, as per your requirements. Maintenance is easy in comparison to chlorinated pool. You can get rid of the sediment once a month via pool vacuum cleaner and remove debris and fallen leaves through a skimmer.

Most of the natural pools are crafted to constantly move water over and under the roots of the water plans so they do better cleaning and wider filtration. A simple water pump can render the cleaning at a lower price in comparison to a standard pool filtration unit. Going for a bubbler in your pool could enhance the ambience and include great aeration.

You can go for sustainable pools which looks same like conventional swimming pool with concrete bottom and side and traditional sky blue color finishing. You can also include a gravel filter for the plant pond. There are endless possibilities for sustainable pool designs, right from conventional look to serene ideas which radiate the look of wild ponds. You can select the one which best matches your taste and character of your house and garden. So, why not get a great natural pool for yourself this year.