Sell Your Celebrity Photos To The World’s Press

Many people like to take photos of their celebrity whenever they can. This might be in a party or when they are on a holiday. It is really amazing a good feel doing so. Few might do it for fun and have memories for the rest of their life while few others do so in order to sell those photos and earn some money. Selling such photos is not at all an easy task as one is really not sure where to sell them.


With the craze of everything going online, now you can even sell your celebrity photos to the World’s press. Yes this is possible now and easy too. You can send the photos through the email or the contact us form on the site. It is always a good idea to send the images in the highest resolution possible so as to sell it easily.

Giving information like, who is on the photo, when the photo is taken and where it was captured is always a smart move. One should also provide important information about the photo that whether it is only you who captured the photo at the given time or there were more people who captured the same.

For selling your celebrity photos, sellpaparazziphotos is the best option to go with. The best thing about it is that you are given 50% of the revenue that comes from sale. The invoice is send to you with all the details of the sale thus, making the business transparent and giving you the best revenue that you deserve.