Signs you need a social anxiety therapist

A lot of clients are surprised to find out they have social anxiety. In fact, around 10% of the population suffer from this problem. Out of which, 64% aren’t getting any treatment and only 34% of the patients are getting sufficient treatment. Some sufferers may be introvert and shy while others find it awkward to communicate socially. But, what are the signs and symptoms that you have social anxiety disorder? Here are some signs suggest by social anxiety therapist that you have social anxiety:

  1. You skip occasions you are interested because you feel awkward attending them

Sala dancing may be amazing for you. But you think about how stupid you may look while doing it and you don’t go. Even if you are good at dancing, you still assume to look silly and you skip the event. Even if you are interested in the event, you are scared to go

  1. You may choose you are interested in the event because you find it awkward

You may fail to convince yourself to attend the salsa event. In your heart, you may find it great, but you literally fight your thoughts and high behind sarcasm.

  1. If there is a slight change in your appearance, you are scared to go out

If you have an acne breakout or an unexpected haircut, then you assume that people will mock you and you don’t go out at all.

  1. You don’t expect anyone to be your friend

Entering in a new environment is scary for you. You fail to establish connection with anyone new. You don’t approach anyone and if anyone does, you don’t interact nicely.

  1. You have your own excuse of not dating

You may want a long term relationship for you, but you may not know when to enter in a relationship. You don’t know which moment is right for you. You may be lonely but you are scared to start your life with someone new.

  1. You think your colleagues look down on you

Though you may get well with your colleagues, but deep down you feel that your co-workers pity you or roll their eyes on you.

  1. You edit your social media posts several times before posting

You are very worried about what people think about your posts. You don’t wish to look stupid, desperate or sad. You take time in picking emoji and still end up thinking that you look pathetic in your post.

  1. You are different when you talk confidentially

If you talk online or play online games with other players, you are a completely different person. You feel that your real self comes out when you talk in a confidential manner. It keeps you more relaxed and away from the idea of people judging you.

  1. Growing up has always made you fear others

Social anxiety is heritable. So, if your parents are socially anxious, then you may be growing up thinking all about it and masking your fear

  1. You think what your life would be if you would have been more confident

In the end, you find yourself trapped in your life and sometimes you wish to be carefree. It saddens you to see yourself chained up in social pressures.