Those flying squirrels are a mess

Flying squirrels may seem harmless as you see them casually running around your property or in the neighborhood. However, the truth is that once they get into your house you will have a serious threat that can cause grievous harm to your home and your family. It may appear like the natural habitat of flying squirrels is shrinking and, as a result, they are looking for alternative living places; this is why you will find them in your crawlspaces, chimney or attic. Quick flying squirrel removal will prevent them from gnawing their way through any loose roofing and foundations or as they slip in and out of your home through the chimney and any other existing holes, flying squirrels will quickly set up a nesting place and start wreaking havoc on your home. During spring, they will most likely annoy you with their mating noises but there is more harm than this that is awaiting you.

The most common site for flying squirrels to infest is the attic of your home; this is one of the areas they find quite welcoming especially when attic insulation is readily available. Flying squirrels will quickly tear the insulation apart and shred it to pieces rendering it ineffective and this will soon lead to shredded ductwork. In a little while, there will be a foul odor coming from the attic caused by their urine. The burrows they create will also invite other unwanted guests such as bats, insects and other related pests that will soon create a leaky stinking roof. If any of the flying squirrels ends up drying in your attic, you will have to look for a dead animal removal expert because the odor from a dead flying squirrel is bad enough to give you nausea and headaches.

The greatest reason you must get a flying squirrel removal expert as soon as you become aware of their presence is the fire hazard they will create. Flying squirrels normally gnaw at anything and everything they come across. They could easily find the wall space where the electrical wiring of your house is hidden and damage it something that can easily set your house ablaze. Even though it may not be too common, flying squirrel infestation poses a serious health risk to you and your family. Flying squirrels are carriers of tick fever and rabies and the insects that liv eon squirrels can easily transfer all manner of microorganisms to humans.

Flying squirrel removal requires expertise; you don’t want to attempt dealing with flying squirrels on your own. You may well be able to trap and kill a flying squirrel or two but you need a more effective treatment in order to deal with any of their offspring that could be residing or rotting in your attic and crawlspaces.