Tips to master the keyboard for beginners

People today live on the digital edge where typing is a daily necessity and hence it gets very important to learn the right way to use keyboard. Not only you get more productive and type things faster with a known keyboard but typing quicker also keeps up with your brain. Typing for beginners is a little tough but with the tips given below, you can learn to type quicker in the right way.

Give up all your bad habits

It is important to get rid of your bad habits. You possibly have been using the similar typing approach since you began while using a keyboard, to where to keep your palms. If you are an FPS (First Person Shooter) game, then you should keep your left hand on WASD keys, rather than towards your right.

Others may choose to use just two fingers, hovering on more than 10 keys and always having their eyes on the keyboard to check the keys. Though you may type fast with half of the fingers, but you need to put your hands or foot down to instantly break that habit.

Put all 10 fingers to use

The next stage is to learn to place the right finger on the right place on the keyboard. If you notice closely, there is a slight bump on J and F key. It is done to help you choose the right finger placement without looking at the keyboard. So, your index finger should rest on J and F keys and the others will fall naturally.

Practice touch typing

Touch typing is when you type without looking at the keyboard. Pro typists do that well. In order to practice, you should type sentences without keeping your eyes on the keyboard. Try to remember where every letter is positioned on the keyboard. It may take some time but if you practice constantly, then it will get simpler. And, eventually you are going to pick up speed.

Work with basic keyboard shortcuts

It is not surprise that Windows and Mac Operating system has keyboard shortcuts. As both your hands are on the keyboard, you don’t need a mouse to navigate. If you remember the shortcut, then you can use them. The shortcut will need you to use your little finger on buttons as many times as you want to press them like Ctrl, Alt and Shift.

So, practice the above steps and see how quick your typing gets.