Tips to Select the Right Chartered Surveyor

Buying a new house can be challenging. What if there is something not right about the house? What if the house requires a bunch of repairs that you get to know after the purchase? In order to avoid these issues, you should hire a chartered surveyor for this purpose. If you are living in Kent, then you should search for chartered surveyors in Kent.

Most lenders have their own list of surveyors on hand which you can use, but you are not obligated to use them. You can definitely select on your own. A lot of people in Kent prefer to choose someone on their own so that the evaluation results are unbiased.

Things to look for in a chartered surveyor

It is suggested that you select your own chartered surveyor to avoid issues and bias reports, However, choosing the right one requires more than just choosing the first surveyor you come across.

Local interest

The surveyor should be from Kent to be familiar with the area and should possess working knowledge of the prospective issues which may arise there. For instance, some areas with higher rainfall have chances of mould growth. They should know the value of the houses in the area and should be able to give you the right idea of the true value of the house.

Online reviews

This is majorly important if you are shifting to area which you don’t really know. You may not be able to spend a lot of time with the surveyor before you appoint them to look at the property, so what you can do is check the reviews online. It will help you know a lot about their success ration, their previous projects and experience in this field.

RICS Regulated

Basically, the professional you choose should be registered with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which has a restricted code of conduct. So, companies registered with them follow strict rules. It provides you with a sense of protection as you can always resort to speak to RICS if you aren’t happy with the services of your chartered surveyor.


Find out how quickly can the survey be done. It will factor your decision if you have tight deadlines. If the surveyor you have selected is booked for weeks or month, then you should look for someone else.

Survey Type

All surveys are not similar, so ensure that you know your options and choose the one which you need. For instance, you may just need to get a property survey done or require a home buyers report. Under both the situations, make sure you get all the information which is needed as some surveys do not involved valuation.

Immediate contact

Make sure the surveyor you choose is easy to reach. They should be happy to answer all your queries. This is a part of their service and if the surveyor is difficult to contact with, you should change them.

With these tips, you can easily hire the best chartered surveyors in Kent.