Top Five Superfoods To Help With Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease and high fiber food do not get along well but still there are a number of super-food for Crohn’s disease available to help you in enjoying a health diet. Super-food contains lots of nutrients and vitamins in them and some of them are even Crohn friendly in nature, So, take some time and try each of the below mentioned super-food to make sure that they don’t exacerbate your health condition.

When you will go up online to look for super foods then you may easily find a big list of items beneficial for your health but not all of them are good for someone with a Crohn’s disease therefor you need to be very careful while adding something new to your diet plans. So, let’s check the list of some of the well tested super food that worked out well for maximum people with Crohn’s disease –

Honey – The honey and Crohn’s disease have been making a good pair since decades. Honey specifically is a great option to manage and even cure this disease. It is a blend of organic acids, protein, sugar and minerals used as a therapeutic agent for treating many conditions such as ulcer and stomach problems. It is anti-inflammatory in nature plus a good antioxidant, as well. Thus, having honey everyday can surely make the Crohn’s condition a lot better for you.

Salmon – It is a sea food loaded with omega 3 fat which is anti-inflammatory in nature. A simply cooked salmon with minimum spices and additional fat, is a good for increasing protein intake and will go gentle on your stomach, as well.

Almond Milk – The people who aren’t able to tolerate lactose then this is perfect alternative for the regular cattle milk. It is again good to increase the intake of protein plus it comes with polyunsaturated fat which helps with inflammation. Just try to avoid the flavoured almond milk that comes with added sugar.

Yogurt – This is a great way to increase the intake of good bacteria i.e. the probiotics in your body. It helps the people to manage their Crohn’s condition in a better way. A high probiotic and low carb diet has shown good result in case of Crohn conditions. It helps in reducing the symptoms as well. Just avoid yogurts with added sugar or any flavours.

Veg soups – Eating vegetables in raw forms can worsen your condition. It is suggested to try making soups of veggies in a low fat stock instead of using dairy based stock). The vegetable puree are highly nutritious and they are easy to digest, as well.

Thus, these are some of the best nutrients dense super food option which will go easy on your digestive tracts as compared to the others. The people with Crohn’s disease are advised to slowly try each one of them and see the impact before adding them to their diet, permanently. Try one food at a time. If you want you can consult your physician as well before trying any of them, enjoy eating!