Troubleshooting Garage Doors

Even though some technologies such as the garage door opener remote control is supposed to make our lives easier, there are times when they jam and you have to manually struggle to open the garage door. This is not what you expect to do during a freezing winter night when the technology has chosen to fail; it may appear like the more technologies fail, the more easily they can break down. You therefore need to know the most common faults with garage door openers and what you may be able to do about them.

Works only up close: If you have a garage door opener remote that works only up and close, you need to start by checking on the batteries to be sure that they don’t need to be replaced. When you are replacing the batteries you want to make sure that you also clean the electrical contacts because they could also be sending weak signals. If it is still working up close you may want to talk to your next door neighbor because a button that is stuck in their remote could be sending a signal that is causing interference that will shorten the range of the frequency of other devices nearby.

Won’t work but wall switch does: Start by checking on the battery and electrical connections in the remote to make sure that they are not the problem. If they are fine you may be having a problem with the safety sensors; there are garage doors that have infrared sensors that shoot invisible beams across the door. Sometimes those beams can become misaligned, blocked or the lenses become dirty; as a safety feature the garage door opener will not allow the door to close until the wall switch has been held down. You need to clean the beam lenses and also make sure that they are aligned correctly and not obstructed. If this doesn’t fix the problem try unplugging the garage door opener before you unplug it; you may want to look for garage doors in Naperville if everything else fails.

Works in cold or warm weather: If you are having trouble with the remote control of the garage door opener when it is either warm or cold, you most likely have a problem with the infrared sensors running along the bottom of the door; when this happens all that you need to do is to go inside the garage and try holding down the wall switch so you can override the safety. This happens when the weather causes the steel that houses the sensors either to expand or contract which ends up distorting the path that the sensor beam has been designed to follow. Start by cleaning the sensors and reboot but if it doesn’t help call a garage door repair expert to help.