Value Addition Through Electroplating

NADCAP metal finishing services have played a great role in ensuring that raw metals that are basically used in most industries have some of the properties that are only available in precious rate earth metals. This include the electroplating service and the electroless nickel plating service as may be required by players in different industries. Some of the best applications including lifesaving and components which are critical to safety; there are different NADCAP metal finishing services that are available using precious and semi-precious materials such as gold, silver, nickel and copper among others as well as electroless nickel plating and electrolytic nickel. There are many people who are yet to understand the critical role played by the electroplating service and the benefits that are associated with the service.

copper electro plating

Precious Metals: Gold plating and silver plating services have been used for thousands of years especially for ornamental and decorative purposes. This is a practice that has continued to the present day and age even though the advances in technology have ensured that there are many more uses for precious metal plating especially for use in the semiconductor and electronics industries. For instance, gold and silver electroplating service is used mainly to create corrosion resistance barriers in copper connectors in addition to wear resistance and solderability because of their superior electrical conductivity.

Copper: Copper plating service normally come in as an intermediary as well as in the promotion of adhesion during multi-layer electroplating operations. This is especially important is situations where the desired electroplating layer fails to bond well with the initial substrate. There are many applications for the copper plating service that include defense, aerospace and the electronics industries.

Nickel: Nickel is perhaps the most common of all electroplating materials; it is normally used to enhance corrosion and wear resistance of steel or any other materials that are highly oxidative. NADCAP certified nickel electroplating can also be used to prepare protective and decorative finishes especially in the plumbing, appliance and automotive industries. Electroless nickel plating has been used extensively for coating different parts and especially those that have irregular geometry like cavities, recesses and the inner surfaces of tubular parts. After the heat treatment has been done during this process, it can create a surface hardness of close to 1000 HV. This is the main reason why this process is preferred for places where wear resistance in highly desirable. While still at it, you may want to remember the fact that electrolytic nickel plating does not by its nature carry the same kind of uniformity in the distribution of the plating like the electroless nickel plating procedure. Electroless nickel plating is extremely useful for functional purposes such as corrosion and wear resistance.