What You Need To Know About Rasberry Ants

Homeowners all over the place are complaining about the Tawny Crazy ant that is also known as the Rasberry ant which is one of the most harmful pests you will ever find anywhere. Apart from being highly destructive, Rasberry ants are also extremely dangerous. Since they were first discovered in 2002 by an ant exterminator in NYC, these ants have spread so quickly they are now in most parts of the United States. Research indicates that these ants are spreading at the rate of five miles annually but in most cases they are transported by animals, people and vehicles.


Identifying Rasberry ants: According to a leading ant exterminator in New Jersey, the Rasberry ant is reddish brown in color and is about 1/8 of an inch long; they are slender and they have a long abdomen, long antennae and long legs. Rasberry ants are also described as being hairy since they are usually covered with some reddish brown fuzz. These ants are easily identifiable by their erratic, rapid an almost non-linear movement such that watching them crossing a pavement can be almost humorous because they may loo lost and confused. The only thing that is not humorous about them is the level of destruction and danger that can be caused by these critters.

Destructive and dangerous: Ask any rat exterminator in New Jersey and they will testify about the destructive nature of Rasberry ants; since they are naturally attracted to electrical currents, they will cause your electrical to fail by simply clogging up switching mechanisms. These ants have been known to short circuit stop lights and air conditioning units with reports of Rasberry ants causing damages costing thousands of dollars to business and homeowners abounding.

The destructive nature of Rasberry ants is not the only reason you want to involve an ant exterminator in New Jersey, they are also extremely dangerous. If by any chance a single Rasberry ant is killed, there is a pheromone that gets released from its abdomen and which sends a signal to the other ants. The other ants will usually respond immediately in huge numbers to attack whatever threat it may be. This means that if you attempted to kill just a few hundred Rasberry ants about a million of them will turn up to seek revenge an d you can only imagine what that may mean in your home.

Rasberry ant control: Rasberry ant infestations are showing up in many areas of the United States and they are making it almost impossible for many homeowners to comfortable enjoy a quiet time in their yards. So far, there is no over-the-counter product that a consumer can use to successfully deal with the menace of Rasberry ants; the only way out is to contact an ant exterminator in New Jersey.