AweEraser- The Reliable Permanent Data Erasure Program

Being a full-fledged data erasure program for Mac, AweEraser for Mac permits its users to safely and permanently wipe out data from any specific area the user wants to. The areas include HDD, USB flash drive, Digital device, and SSD and memory card. It doesn’t just shreds the specific files and folders but allows you to wipe out the unused disk space, delete hard drive and empty your internet history.

If you are planning to dispose of your private computer for any reason, then AweEraser is just the right software to erase all your private info and data permanently to avoid any kind of recovery. Sometimes data recovery software can help you retrieve your deleted files and this is the reason how others can access your private data as soon as they get access to your private computer. But, when you permanently destroy the data before disposing your computer no will be able to retrieve your data at any cost.

AweEraser gives you certified data deletion solution to help delete files and folders from external storage and hard drive. It safely wipes out the target data and overwrites your disk space to prevent any kind of data recovery. You have different tools to remove your data before you plan to sell, abandon, donate or gift your computer.

Erase files: Safely and permanently erase files and shred files and folders.

Erase hard drive: Clean the complete hard drive to wipe out all the data stored on your hard drive permanently.

Erase free space: clean the unused disk space to delete previously erased and formatted data without affecting the present data.

Full erasure report: Get the full erasure report and check all the data or hard drive you have deleted.

Internet cleaner: This will help you clean all your browsing history, delete passwords, caches, logs and cookies from your computer.

Uninstaller: It fully uninstalls the unwanted software and programs and cleanses everything left. Once your files, folders and data is wiped out by AweEraser, the removed data is lost and cannot be recovered back at any cost from any data recovery software or manual service. However, it has no impact on the life of your gadget.

The software is very reliable and flexible and works as per the motive of the user. Whatever you want can be done with just few clicks and your laptop will be completely empty from all your data. AweErase permanently erase data on Mac and gives you a clean and data free device in your hand for any use.