Everything You Need to Know About Income Tax Jobs

Are you up for an exciting career with Income Tax Department? Do you envision yourself as a person who will be partaking in the important government revenue generation system? Do you have what it takes to be a successful income tax professional? If yes, then this is what you are meant to do in your professional lives. Yes, we are talking about a lucrative and rewarding career with the Government of India. It comes as no surprise that income tax jobs open doorways to experience the working behind the grand machinery of the government revenue generation arrangement.

There are several opportunities in this profession and no limits to grow as a professional as far as personal and professional growth are concerned. People who have sharp, analytical bent of mind will find themselves standing in good stead at this job. The IT department offers a great opportunity to the successful candidates as there are various services that offer great opportunity for building a successful and sustainable career alongside contributing to the fullest towards the nation’s development.  All candidates who are dreaming of building a rewarding career will find income tax jobs as ideal option for ensuring a stable career.

Listed below are the career opportunities in Taxation:

  • IT Inspector
  • Tax Assistant
  • Prosecutor
  • Assistant Commissioner

Now comes the part wherein you will know about ways to choose a career in the IT Department.  It all starts with the first option: the moment a candidate clears class 12 exams with any stream and does graduation with minimum 55% percentage in any stream, and then he/she becomes eligible for the Income Tax test. The second option requires a candidate to pass class 12 and graduation exam with minimum 55 percentage in any stream. Next step would be to pass the civil services examination and preferentially choose IRS as the key service area.

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Noteworthy here is that graduation is a must-have. Moreover, Income Tax department conducts a specified test for various posts except those to be conducted under the IRS. A candidate should possess excellent analytical skills and having a mastery of Indian taxation laws and policies will help in clearing the difficult test. Taking up income tax jobs is no child’s play and you should be preparing beforehand for the exam.

Now, let us give you a rundown on entrance examinations:

For Postgraduate candidates, the UPSE CSE conducts examinations in the month of June and July (tentative). Here the important elements are Preliems and Mains exams. In the Preliems, there are two papers, and the second one is based on the MCQ pattern. The key subjects in this regard are GK, Vocabulary, Indian polity & constitution, mathematical aptitude, logical reasoning, social studies, and science.

The mains would comprise eight papers in toto, and being followed by Interview/ Personality Test at the end.

When it comes to income tax department selection test for post graduate students, intelligence, English, and arithmetic ability are the main subjects. The test consists of five papers, and the first four ones are objective in nature. The fifth one is purely subjective.