Exploring Tonal Printing

Screen printing is a method for printing onto garments and other items. It works best when there are a smaller number of colors and the design is simple in nature. It was first used hundreds of years ago and then has evolved over time. It is one of the more popular options with garment printing today. When it comes to screen tshirt printing Singapore there are different specific techniques and recently developed methods and that includes tonal printing. It is a unique way to print that is effective at grabbing the attention of others looking at the shirt. Here we look at what it involves, what shirts and fabrics it works best with and how it can benefit people who invest in t-shirt printing.

Understanding what tonal printing is

This method used in screen printing uses a technique with water-based inks to print onto the shirt in either a shade light or darker than the color of the shirt itself. If it is lighter it is referred to as being tonal lighter and if it is darker it is referred to as tonal darker.

The type of shirts and fabrics that work best when you want to choose tonal printing

This method for t shirt printing Singapore works more effectively for tonal dark when you are printing onto a shirt that is lighter in color, and for tonal light, it works better on a dark-colored shirt. If you are using black shirts then tonal dark is not going to show up, if at all. Tonal light will, creating a lighter grey. With some colors like red that are in the mid-range of dark or light then you could choose either option.

In terms of fabric, you can use water-based techniques on any fabric or material but if you are looking for specific results you would choose something to achieve it. If you want a faded old style t-shirt then you can achieve that better with a tri-blend or mix of cotton and polyester. However, if you do not want that faded look and want something sharper then you can print onto a shirt that is 100% cotton. That will give the sharp and clear monochromatic appearance you might be after.

What effect can you achieve with tonal printing

You get a print that is a bit darker or a bit lighter than the shirt you are printing onto. When you want to design a shirt that feels like it is vintage in nature, you could choose this tshirt printing Singapore method. The print is more subtle than opting for something bolder in color. However, you can get that vintage style with other approaches like using texture in the design or printing the image onto a blended fabric shirt. Tonal printing is a good option when you want something more unique and a bit different and edgier.


When it comes to screen t shirt printing Singapore you can create a lot of different effects and results depending on what your goals are for the shirts. If tonal printing sounds like something that could work well for your needs, talk to your professional printing service about this technique.