Give Your Kids The Best Childhood Gift: 3 in 1 Trike Strolling Bike

Every parent desires to get the best for his young toddler and developing child. Who doesn’t look for a durable and efficient adventure ride for their kids? And, if you’re looking for something which could delight your kid and serve as their crime partner for a long period of time, then 3 in 1 trike plus Green is the perfect solution.


Apt for kids from 1 month to 6 years, they are a reliable riding support for your child. They serve your child in 3 different stages and grow with your child. Yes! Whether it is the infancy stage, young toddler step or the walking and riding kid stage, the tricycle is multipurpose and does wonder in all the three stages of your child.

The tricycle has been designed keeping the comfort and safety of your child in mind. It has high back seat for better support. The non-slippery, ergonomic rubber handles fit perfectly in the hands of your kid. The removable push handle permits the parents to control the tricycle with their hands.

The long lasting, silent ride tires perform their jobs perfectly. They anti-slip foot pedals prevent any mishap from occurring. There is an extra-large storage bucket to fill in and carry anything. And that’s not it! The removable shielding canopy protects your kid from furious sunlight, even if they ride the cycle in sunlight.

With a weight of 9kg, the tricycle can carry kids weighing 50kg. So, why not give your kids the best gift of their life with a long lasting, reliable and safe 3 in 1 trike. Your kids will certainly love you with this charming and delightful gift. The green color of the strolling tricycle is eye catching and attractive. You will love to see your kid growing with it. It will not just enhance their developmental skills, but also make them sharper.