Instagram: Better Than Ecommerce For Products

If one is an individual or a company running a business, and if one wants their products and brand to be seen by much more people and not just the people that visit their store and websites, than growing a strong following of people on Instagram that can be potential customers of one’s products and band is the thing to do. Today Instagram has 300 million daily active users and 600 million monthly users. Instagram has become huger than Twitter itself.

Instagram has also become video-centric and a social network since than where one can also talk to other people with Instagram accounts. One can edit and post images and videos, put out stories and can even go live on the internet. However people who use Instagram are not just into liking and sharing photos and videos, they are real shoppers, that’s why people also buy 20 Free Instagram Likes or more likes to increase activity on their account.

With the right kind of Instagram images and videos at the right time, one can get their marketing message in the minds of the customer even without giving any hard sale pitches. Hence in a way one is selling to customers by appealing to customers. Now a days social media is the validity that customer seek for in small business or any brand. They turn to social media to see whether or not they can trust a brand or not.

If one has great social media presence it can convert a lot of potential customers into confident clients. So if one is still new to Instagram world or does not even have a business or personal account yet than there are few things one should know to be successful in Instagram.

Although one can view pics and videos on Instagram from the desktop, it is still primarily a mobile app, so one has to first download it from the google play store or apple app store and then sign up first. To sign up with the app, one can either link one’s Facebook account or enter their email. When one sign up with Facebook Instagram will automatically fill information like one’s name and profile picture but one has to seldom do it when one enters the email. But in both methods one will be asked to create a username and a password.

As soon as one’s Instagram account is created, they can go to profile page and edit their profile i.e. their name, username, profile pic, bio description and even add their website. One can also switch to business account to get increased insights and analytics for their account. So now one should post related pics and video and get more and more likes and activity, because more likes mean more customers. One can also spend a very small amount of money to buy likes on their Instagram account. Many companies use fake accounts and bots to provide one likes, but one should look at the quality of account from which they are getting 20 Free Instagram Likes.