Kudremukh Trek: It’s the suitable place to spend your vacation

Kudremukh is located in the Chikkamagaluru district, in the heart of Western Ghats. It is part of Kudremukh National Park, the western ghats’ second-largest wildlife protected area.

With a height of 6,207 feet, it is Karnataka’s third highest peak, behind Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri.

Kudremukh is home to a diverse range of flora and wildlife. You might observe deer and peacocks, as well as other creatures, while walking.

The trek through the misty valleys and rolling green hills is magnificent. On your route there, you’ll pass through meadows, woodlands, and a few tiny waterways.

Taking a walk in the Shola forest

The meadows and shrublands found in the ghats are referred to as shola. You must travel via shola woodland to reach the Kudremukh top.

This area is home to deer, lion-tailed macaque, Malabar giant squirrels, jaguars, common langurs, and other animals. You might glimpse them while trekking if you’re lucky. Leeches can be observed on each step in this section during the rainy season.

One of the most fascinating characteristics of this location is the waterfalls and small streams. You’ll really have to cross multiple streams on your way to the summit. When crossing the street, it’s probable that you’ll get your footwear soiled.

View of the undulating hills is breathtaking.

When you emerge from the shola woods, you are greeted by a breathtaking vista of the rolling green hills all around you. The eyes are rewarded with green slopes and hazy valleys. During the monsoon, this area may be entirely engulfed in mist. However, the valley’s hide-and-seek game in the midst of the clouds & mist is not to be missed.

The Peak’s horse’s face structure

From the side, the Kudremukh range has a peculiar structure that resembles a horse’s face. After an hour of hiking from the forest office, this structure becomes evident. This appears to be closer, but it will take another three hours of hiking to get there.

The Kudremukh Trek’s difficult portions

The hike to Kudremukh is moderately challenging. One way, you’ll have to travel 9 kilometers.

There are no particularly challenging areas, but bear in mind a few things while you journey.

  1. It’s possible to slip and fall while trekking in the forest. Wear good hiking boots and a hiking pole.
  2. It’s a challenge to cross the little streams in the forest. The water’s mossy pebbles might be slick.
  3. The trail climbs steeply over 3 kilometers first from second Ontimara to a final stretch. If you want to appreciate the scenery, you should be able to trek in those sections.

Food & Water source on the Kudremukh Trek

Homestays at Mullodi village (near the forest office) serve food for hikers on the Kudremukh Trek. It must, however, be reserved ahead of time. For breakfast and a packed lunch, they charge roughly Rs 200.

Streams and waterfalls abound on the trail during the monsoon season. From there, you can top off your bottle.

Fill up the bottle at the homestay and if you’re not satisfied with drinking groundwater. Make sure you have at least 2 gallons of water with you.

Permission to trek and camping

Because it is part of the Kudremukh national park in Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru district, the Kudremukh trek requires authorization. The cost of admission is Rs 600 each person. In a single day, only the first 50 people would be granted permission.

You may ask the owner of any of the homestays for assistance obtaining permission if you are staying there. Alternatively, you must obtain authorization from the wood office early in the morning.

Camping is not permitted on the Kudremukh trip. Many homestays, on the other hand, provide tent accommodations at the beginning site.

Who is capable of completing the Kudremukh Trek?

The Kudremukh walk is 18 kilometers long. To accomplish the trek in a day, you’ll need strength and a little amount of trekking experience.

The walk does not include any challenging aspects. As a result, even a physically fit beginner can attempt this.

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When is the best time to go on the Kudremukh trek?

The ideal time to do the Kudremukh is as early in the morning as possible. It takes 4-5 hours to get to the top and another 2 including a half an hour to get back.

The forest office has a limitation that you cannot trek after 6 p.m. You must return to the homestay by that time.

In addition, after 2 p.m., the weather in the western ghats becomes windy. Make sure you get to the top before 1 p.m. and return before 6 p.m.