Three Questions To Ask During A HVAC Estimate

Most business or homeowners don’t love to hear about this: it doesn’t matter how much care you give your HVAC air conditioning unit; there is a point in time when you will have to replace the central air conditioner, the heat pump or the furnace. All these systems have a lifespan and when the time has come, you need to need to contact a few air conditioner companies that specialize in AC installation or else you will be running your electricity bill higher. HVAC air conditioning units can present a substantial cost for homeowners and, as a result, it is important to collect estimates on the cost of a new AC installation service.

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You want to be actively involved in looking for an HVAC air conditioning estimate especially if you want to get the most out of your new system and also get to understand the real cost. There are three very important questions you need to ask any certified air conditioner contractor who does AC installation when you are asking for estimates:

Warranties that come with the system: One of the most important things you want to know from your potential AC installation contractor is how long the systems you intend to buy from them will remain under the manufacturer’s warranty. You must also ask whether the AC installation contractor’s service is under any kind of warranty and, if so, how long the warranty is. When you are asking about the warranties, make sure that you ask for the finer details of the service; there are warranties that are tied to routine service without which the warranty becomes void.

The estimated payback period: Many air conditioner companies today offer air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps that are totally energy efficient but most of these will almost always come with a higher price tag. If you are thinking about buying any one of these models, you need to ask your AC installation contractor how much time it will take for the expected energy savings to pay for the extra costs associated with the unit. In other words, you want to know at what point you will begin to enjoy the cost savings literally.

Estimated installation cost: Whenever homeowners are thinking about Houston HVAC contractor, they almost always think about the actual cost of the air conditioner, heat pump or furnace without considering other additional costs such as the AC installation. It is prudent to ask your potential AC installation contractor about all the other additional costs, which are usually a significant percentage of the entire cost and ensure that they are factored into your budget. Getting a new HVAC air conditioning unit estimate may not be a very enjoyable task but when you know the right questions to ask and you get a reliable AC installation contractor you can have peace of mind.