Truth about Liquid Limestone and Exposed Aggregate

Liquid limestone is merchandise afforded when caliber crushed concrete and limestone ingredients are mixed.  It is sometime known as ornamental concrete which is an ultimate alternative to traditional paving.  Plus it actually provides lots of excellent benefits.

On the flip side, exposed aggregate is a concrete paving type wherein the gravel used in the concrete mix remains very visible on the surface.  Although traditional concrete has a very smooth finish, be conscious that exposed aggregate will give a highly-textured finish.  Therefore, it shows the natural beauty of these stones.  Be mindful that this is a type of finish that represents one of the earliest kinds of decorative concrete.

More Info Regarding Exposed Aggregate

It took more planning as well as prep work compared to typical concrete.  Installers need to combine the concrete in order to find the ideal consistency by means of more water than normal.  Also, care must be taken into excellent concerns if you’re deciding on the aggregate.  Although they will behave as filler in order to give concrete its durability, they’re primarily selected because of its aesthetic appeal in terms of vulnerable finishes.  Installers should inspect the rock of feel, color, and size so as to get the desired outcome.

Experts highly emphasized that such kind of finish is suitable for low-traffic software.  They are the best solution for:

  • Paths
  • Patios
  • Real porches

Furthermore, they may be appropriate for several driveways but are not used on road because of the fact that they cannot carry heavy traffic loads.

The Process of Laying Exposed Aggregate

First, a new concrete foundation will be poured.  It will be troweled smooth with the use of a wooden trowel or float.

Second, the mix will be poured across the concrete.  With a broom or rake, it must be spread.  There are some installers using a piece of lumber or perchance a concrete float in order to press on the stones into the very top of the wet concrete with the aim of embedding them set up.

Lastly, a yard roller will be used to smooth out the surface and also get rid of unwanted bumps or lumps.

Throughout the setup procedure, sealing is very important.  Be mindful that when unsealed, they can easily become dirty and may even wear away over time due to heavy traffic.  Furthermore, they will become very susceptible to moisture and other outside elements.